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February 28th 2013
Published: February 28th 2013
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How does that saying go - - "She's back!" Finally, I am getting back to finishing Alaska trip posts for all those who keep asking and have been so patiently waiting. It took me over six weeks to recoup from the 2.5 month journey. I slept a ton the first few weeks. Then came the holy and holidays, the annual Puerto Vallarta trek and now I am finally getting back to capturing the Alaskan memories I missed providing in print. I give no guarantees as to the number or timing of my future posts but I am set on getting it done. I cannot believe how many days I have left to script and provide pictures but all I have to do is close my eyes and the memories come flying back so know I'll not have too much trouble aside from the time it takes to do so. I have notes for a lot of the days to look back on also.

I will post a current update each time I post with what I post that day so those who just visit periodically will know what's been posted since you last visited. Those who are signed up on this site will automatically get an email each post so you can ignore the update and just look at the actual trip days posted if you still want to. You can also still sign up if you'd like. I've had no reports of any spam of any kind as a result of anyone who has signed up to get emails when postings come through from here. So no worries.

TODAY - I post Days 11 and 12 which was actually back on August 2nd and 3rd last summer. It encompasses the two glacier boat tours I did out of Valdez (pronounced Valdeez). You will still be able to comment on any given day as it is posted so feel free to do so. I cherish all those that did. Keep in mind I will be posting as if it was that actual day - not like it truly is - months later.

Thanks for your continued interest.



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