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September 26th 2012
Published: September 27th 2012
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...returning to Anchorage for the last time
This is the last post to be done while I'm still actually in Alaska. I leave for home on a 6am flight Thursday morning after the most incredible 9 1/2 weeks traveling all over this astounding state. It has been a busy yet quite reflective last few days. As I've looked back, I am not even sure I believe all the memories are for real. I have already been asked what was the best and what was the most unexpected and I just can't answer at this particular point. I am still absorbing. Am I ready to be home? ...Yes. Am I ready to leave Alaska? ...No, not really. Such mixed emotions but one thing is very clear - - what I take with me in memories and experiences is almost unbelievable. I will post an overrall summary when done that will include overall takeaways but just a fun fact until then - - I returned the rental car this evening and did the quick start to finish mileage - I drove 4,833 miles during the 66 days. That's just what I personally drove. It does not include the formal tour I was passenger of >400 miles for the Dalton Highway drive or the back country tour miles or the marine miles on boats. It has truly been a life dream trip exceeding all expectations and I feel so very blessed and extremely thankful for having had this huge opportunity.

I have a lot of posts to do in the next couple/few weeks after I get home and definitely plan to do so - (probably after I sleep a couple of days since as I've started winding down, have found I'm more than just tired). There is so much I have yet to share and also to assure I have a complete compilation of the journey that has posts from all the days pulled into a book for myself. Those that subscribed, you'll receive an email each time I post. Those that just visit periodically, I will post an update note giving what days I have posted so you'll know what's been added since your last visit.

Only one picture today - my rearview mirror as I returned to Anchorage, leaving the Glenn Highway for the last time. I came to Anchorage filled with hope and anticipation. I leave looking back, just as reflected in the picture, on an absolutely phenomenol journey. For the last time actually in Alaska...

Good night from Alaska. God bless!!


27th September 2012

Thank you for taking us along!
What a wonderful journey you've been on. Thank you for allowing us to share, in part, with you. I have looked forward to all of your posts. Like I said before, this is just like reading a favorite book. Safe travels to home for you my friend and I look forward to hearing all about this trip in February while we lounge in the sun!

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