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North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage March 27th 2015

Less than 3 weeks till I head North to Bellingham, WA and the Alaska State Ferry for what I know is going to be a totally amazing adventure. I had forgotten just how much preparation there is before a trip away - dogs, cat, bills, shop, family, house, general stuff and then the job of deciding what to pack and getting all the camera stuff ready. I am loving it! I have even taken on knitting a neck warmer, which is just a knitted circle that goes around the neck sort of like a scarf without the ends. I am making my big enough to be able to pull up over my head, covering the back of my neck. I am not too friendly with the cold weather. The M/V Matanuska is the name of the ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage October 8th 2014

So I took a trip to Anchorage, AK and it was amazing. Normally I'd say I'm not a snow and winter kind of girl, but now I might be second guessing that lol. In Alaska I stayed at the Embassy Suites Anchorage; one of the best in town. This hotel was phenomenal, the staff was great, my hotel room was comfortable, and their complimentary breakfast was delicious. My stay in Anchorage was very short, but I made it worth my while. In Alaska I decided to go to the SeaLife Center. The SeaLife Center was a little out of Anchorage, but it wasn't too far. At the center I went to the octopus and puffin encounter which was a tour based on octopus and birds. I got to learn a bunch of different things about octopus ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Unalaska September 27th 2014

Kodiak Island, Alaska: Monks, Music and Magical Weather Well we’ve been at sea for 3 ½ days and everyone is definitely ready to get off the ship. We have some lovely people at our dining table. A couple from Long Island, New York, another from Del Rey Beach, Florida and an amazing 84 years old woman who spends half her time in Seattle by the Ballard Locks and the winters in a trailer, 700 miles south of the border toward the end of Baja del Sur on the Gulf of California. They have all been around the world many times and have stories to regale us each night. One couple cruises over 200 days per year!!!! Our waiters are the nicest ever but… each night I feel like I’m in a Marx Bros. movie. Not once, ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali September 7th 2014

Ketchikan JEWELLERY STORES!!!! Industrial quantities. In 1993 cruise ships started coming in large numbers to Alaska. Fishing villages and mining towns and administrative centres suddenly had up to 10,000 people in town on the one day. The cruise lines set up jewellery stores and souvenir shops in these towns. The tourist season goes from May – September. At the end of September the jewellery stores pack up and transfer to the Caribbean where the cruise ships ply their (northern) winter trade. Alaska shuts down between October and May, college students and mavericks such as Brian, our driver yesterday (retired civil engineer from Atlanta, single, adventurer, spends winter in Breckenridge driving people to Denver airport), come up here and live for 6 months and the towns shut down. In Ketchikan we had David, our Tlingit guide and ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan September 1st 2014

“HIPCRIME You committed one when you opened this book. Keep it up. It’s our only hope. “ – The Hipcrime Vocab Chad C Mulligan I write this on the very jerky Amtrak Cascade train on the way to Vancouver. That is why my typing is so shaky and misshapen. We leave on a train that runs parallel to the harbour between the city and the foreshore. As we pass I noticed no burghers of Seattle with signs demanding the track be torn up. Seattle has been great but jet lag has put a dampener on our stay here, particularly as we walked so far on that first day. Acclimatising is about more than adjusting to the weather. Some observations about America (based upon a scientific study lasting 5 days) · They tend to like ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 30th 2014

This is a very long blog but covers our entire Cruise from Seward to Vancouver and all our ports of call. We left Seward behind and boarded our cruise boat which was an Holland America Line ship, the MS Statendam. It was not a huge ship but still had 1500 passengers however we were to see lot of ships twice this size on our journey. We have never been on a large cruise boat before and were a little concerned that we would not like it. However our friends Bob and Elaine had done a similar cruise in Alaska and enjoyed it so we hoped we would to. The main reason we decided to take the cruise was that it was one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get into Canada from the States, our ... read more
Our Cabin on MS Statendam
The Casino
More Casino

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward August 22nd 2014

SEWARD We just loved Seward and our hotel which was situated on the harbour had gorgeous views over the mountain tops. Settled at the head of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula, Seward with a population of about 2500 is one of Alaska’s oldest and most scenic communities and we could not agree more. The historic downtown district was filled with quaint shops and art galleries, and of course the amazing boat harbour that is shared with humans and wildlife alike - so many bald eagles flying past us all the time. There was a free shuttle bus into town and the drivers were so happy and informative it was a pleasure to hop on board. Located at the terminus of both the Alaska Railroad and the Seward Highway as well as a Port for many ... read more
Downtown Seward with Mount Marathon
Halibut in the centre
Kenai Fjords Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage August 22nd 2014

ANCHORAGE We picked up a hotel shuttle bus at the airport and gave the driver our hotel details - we were a little concerned when he said he had not heard of it! He did get us there though and it was actually really easy to find being right next to the Railway Station. We had planned this as our next journey would be by train and not plane. Before that though we had a few days in the largest city in Alaska. It was July and we were told that this was the best time to visit with good weather which it proved to be. As you would expect in the high northern latitudes, the longest days come around the summer solstice, 21 June, and they get quite short around the winter solstice, 21 December. ... read more
Westchester Lagoon
Sandhill Crane
Tony Knowles Trail

North America » United States » Alaska » Gustavus August 20th 2014

GUSTAVUS We were staying in the small community of Gustavus located on the north shore of the Icy Strait. With only 500 residents the village was very relaxed and friendly - in fact as you travelled around everyone would give you a nod or a wave or stop to chat. There was no crime here so there was no need of a police force. Everyone leaves their doors open day and night. One of the staff at the inn said they only drive old cars and no one would want to steal them - in any event if they did they wouldn't have anywhere to drive them to - hopefully the new car ferry connected with Juneau will not change that! The main concern for ‘car owning locals’ was loosing their car keys and not having ... read more
Choosing the right bike
Gustavus Moose Antlers
Gustavus Dock & Ferry

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