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North America » United States » Alaska June 24th 2019

Today we spent the whole day in Misty Fjords, or Rudyerd Bay, to be precise! We had elected not to do any shore excursions, so we decided to be leisurely and eat breakfast in the main restaurant. After breakfast we returned to our suite and Tom made a start on an assignment he has to do for uni while I relaxed and made a start of one of the ebooks I’d borrowed from Penrith Library. Our ship is spending the day in.Rudyerd Bay, where there is no dock and the fjord is too deep to anchor. We are just kept in position by minor adjustments made by the engines. Our ship has some of the equipment normally found on their expedition ships - zodiacs, canoes and kayaks. There is also a float plane doing sightseeing over ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali June 23rd 2019

You may remember that the band Supertramp once sang, 'It's raining again' and after the beautiful day in Calgary yesterday guess what, the heavens have opened once more. So that's it, we've had enough of the wet stuff and we're out of here! An early start this morning, with our flight scheduled for 10.15, so we were up and at it by 5.00 am and were 'locked and loaded'(as 'the Donald' has been known to say), ready to depart by six. Laurie and her husband were away overnight, so we had said our 'thank you's' and 'good byes' yesterday and we pulled away from The Barn with a heavy heart, partly because we had said farewell to Laura, but also because we were leaving this lovely property - definitely a five star review on The ... read more
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North America » United States » Alaska » Wrangell June 23rd 2019

We were up early this morning, noting the low clouds misting us with rain - we knew that our shore excursion starts pretty soon after we docked, so we went up and found La Terrazza hadn’t even opened, and we went to the Arts Cafe where we shared a smoked salmon and cream cheese roll, a danish each and I had a pot of mango yoghurt with oats in it, followed by a coffee. We were waiting at the doors when we were given clearance to go ashore so we went down, met up with our tour guide Ruthie and hopped aboard their covered, heated jet boat. This jet boat held about 18 tourists, plus Ruthie and Big John, our captain whose boat it was. We had to proceed very slowly initially, because we were heading ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska June 22nd 2019

This morning we got up reasonably early. We had breakfast in La Terrazza and tried to book a table for dinner but were disappointed to be told it was booked out and we’d be on a wait list. We had docked in Juneau so after breakfast we caught the shuttle up to the base station for the gondola ride up the mountain. It was very steep but the view was amazing. The weather was really clear when we ascended, but after viewing an introductory movie about the Tlingit natives we came out of the theatre and found we were surrounded by cloud. We were a little alarmed because it was getting windy as well, and we were booked on a float plane in a couple of hours. We didn’t want to be stuck up the mountain ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Haines June 21st 2019

This morning we went up to brekky and sat outside on the deck - every other morning has been too cold, but today was glorious. We’d been seated about five minutes when another waiter greeted us! Nelson was on the Panama Cruise and the Russian one. It is so lovely - like being part of the community. After brekky we returned to our suite and then watched the docking procedure right outside our balcony. We had lunch outside on La Terrazza as well, and enjoyed some more Brown Brothers Sauvignon Blanc with my lunch. We then headed off to shore side for our separate shore excursions. Tom was off to drive an ATV along old logging trails, I was off on a wilderness odyssey on a jet boat on the Chilkat River. It was very pleasant ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka June 20th 2019

After our brekky this morning we gathered in the lounge with the rest of our shore excursion group before we were escorted down to board one of the ship’s tenders. This is the only port where we will use tenders. We found out later that there is a pier a little ways out of town, but for some reason we anchored within the harbour. So we tendered ashore and found our zodiac guides right there at the pier. The first task was to put everyone into life jackets, before we were assisted onto our zodiac. There were no seats! We perched along the side of the rubber craft, and hung on to the ropes. There was also a tight strap along the floor to put our feet under, helping to hold us on the craft. So ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan June 19th 2019

What an interesting day! We watched as we moored in the most scenic town (in my opinion) in Alaska. Mind you, this was the first time we’ve visited Ketchikan because it wasn’t on the itinerary of the 1999 trip. We met some lovely people from Devon at breakfast. After breakfast in La Terrazza we wandered to the deck above, to the Art Cafe, where we found a trivia quiz and a sudoku, and I drank my second coffee. Then we prepared ourselves and went ashore to check out the souvenir shops before our shore excursion. Unfortunately we didn’t find what I was most hoping to buy, so we will have to keep on looking. Tom took our purchases back to our suite while I chatted to our tour guide who was a high school English teacher ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska June 18th 2019

This morning we woke up latish, put out our washing, and had to wait a moment or two for a table at La Terrazza for breakfast. I ordered a spinach omelette for myself and a ham and cheese one for Tom from our waiter Henry, who had looked after us so well on the Silver Whisper on the Panama Cruise! While Tom was enjoying his cereal I gathered some smoked salmon, red onion rings and capers, and a fruit selection for after. I added the salmon etc to my omelette when it arrived. There was an English couple from Devon at the table next to us who were really interesting to talk to. They told us that the people want to leave the EU but the politicians don’t, that’s why it’s so hard to get an ... read more
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North America » United States » Alaska June 18th 2019

Nach kurzer Abfertigung in Anadyr fliegen wir heute unser 2. Leg: rüber nach Alaska. Wir fliegen am 18.6. ab, überqueren die Datumsgrenze und sind dann am 17.6. über Alaska. Ziemlich verwirrend. Die Landung in Anchorage erfolgt kurz nach Mitternacht, also wieder am 18.6.19. Wir kommen im Dunkeln (richtig duster wird es jedoch um diese Jahreszeit hier im hohen Norden nicht) an und landen auf der 7R. Es gibt "severe wind shear"- Warnungen und beim Landen zeigt sich, was damit gemeint ist. Es ist wirklich sehr sehr turbuent, aber dem "alten Hasen" Bozi gelingt trotzdem eine gute Landung. Es geht dann zuerst zum North-Apron zur CBP-Station für die Einreise und dann zum South-Apron zum FBO von "Signature". Jan Brill hat für uns auf die Schnelle ein Hotelzimmer gebucht. Dort kommen wir kurz vor 3 Uhr an. Schnell ... read more
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North America » United States » Alaska June 18th 2019

Den Tag 18. Juni 2019 bekommen wir ja wegen der Datumsgrenze zum 2. Mal geschenkt. Wir finden das toll. Heute geht es trotz kurzer Nacht wieder zeitig auf den Weg. Das Frühstück im Hotel war leider so richtig Ami-plastikmäßig, alles Einweg und simpel. Natürlich alles fat-free oder low-fat, dafür ist überall umso mehr Zucker drin. Wundert es dann noch irgendjemand, dass so viele US-Amerikaner Probleme mit der Leibesfülle haben? Was am Ende übrig bleibt ist ein Riesenmüllberg und ein fades Gefühl im Bauch. Glücklicherweise beschränken wir diese Art "Frühstück" auf dieser Reise auf dieses eine Mal. In Anchorage regnet es leicht. Es geht nach dem Start auf der 7L per radar vectors nach Norden und rauf auf FL250 und dann direkt nach Osten Richtung Whitehorse (CYXY) in Kanada, wo wir unsere Einreise erledigen möchten. Vorher war ... read more
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