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North America » United States » Alaska » Anchor Point February 24th 2020

Do you pack a lot of stuff for a few days of travel and feel guilty about doing that all the time? Are you a messy packer that pushes everything that you see in the rucksack, which eventually eats the space? Are you missing out on how many things you pack? Packing everything you need won’t help in this kind of situation, where you should be a smart packer. The days with a rucksack with clothes and other things filled inside should be over now. Read about these best travel accessories and change. Thank us later: ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska December 21st 2019

From Copper River, we continued driving south to Valdez; the scenery on the way was spectacular. We saw a mailbox complex - a mailbox high off the ground (in the air) for “air mail,” a mailbox on the ground for “snail mail,” one over a fire hydrant for “dog sled mail,” and one over a trash can for “junk mail.” Rather creative. Throughout different parts of our drive, we saw the Alaska Pipeline. Construction on the pipeline began in 1974 and is 4 feet wide and 800 miles long, from Prudhoe Bay in northern Alaska to Port Valdez, in southern Alaska. About 380 miles of the pipeline run underground. At its busiest, it carried about 2 million barrels of oil a day; today it only carries about 600,000 barrels a day, because of dwindling supplies and ... read more
Near Copper River mail system - air mail
Near Copper River mail system - junk mail
Near Copper River mail system - snail mail

North America » United States » Alaska November 17th 2019

More of Alaska. One thing we noticed about driving around Alaska - there are “bumps” in the road; in Alaska, which are known as “frost heaves,” an “upward swelling of soil during freezing conditions caused by an increased presence of ice as it grows towards the surface, upwards from the depth in the soil where freezing temperatures have penetrated into the soil” ( When we were at Denali, one of the bus drivers said that climate change is about three times worse in Alaska than in the lower 48. We had stopped at a place in the park where you could look back at the road we just traveled on, and also see the road from last year, which now was about three feet below today’s surface. The permafrost had melted, causing the road to sink; ... read more
Fairbanks area
Fairbanks area
Fairbanks area

Anchorage Alaska is less than a 4-hour flight from Seattle. You can also drive about 90 minutes north to Bellingham, WA, and take the ferry that runs along the Inside Passage, or take a cruise from Seattle. We lived in Seattle for about 20 years, but we never made it to Alaska on vacation. We joked that it was too close to Seattle; we usually went to Europe to visit his family, or to Asia, but never Alaska. I was determined to get to Alaska before we began our next chapter in life. We thought about driving up, but the car was having some issues, so we decided to fly (we’ll take the ferry up on another trip). “Pure, raw, unforgiving and humongous in scale, Alaska is a place that arouses basic instincts and ignites what ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Whittier September 14th 2019

Alaska is de 49e staat van de Verenigde Staten en werd in 1867 van Rusland gekocht. Tot de Tweede Wereldoorlog speelde Alaska eigenlijk geen rol van betekenis, er woonden tot dan maar ongeveer 70.000 mensen. In 1942 werden enkele eilanden dicht bij het Aziatische continent door de Japanners bezet en een aanval uitgevoerd op Dutch Harbor. In hetzelfde jaar werd in een half jaar een weg aangelegd door Canada van 2700 kilometer lang om militaire goederen te vervoeren naar Alaska en ook Rusland. Pas in 1959 werd Alaska officieel een staat van de VS en in 1977 werd de beroemde Alaska pipeline gerealiseerd om olie te vervoeren uit het noorden van de staat naar Valdez in het zuiden. Tegenwoordig wonen er ongeveer 700.000 mensen in Alaska en is het wat oppervlakte betreft veruit de grootste staat ... read more
Mount Denali

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali National Park September 12th 2019

Onze bestemming dit najaar is de grootste staat van de VS, waar we met een camper op pad gaan en met een cruiseboot zullen afzakken naar Vancouver. We vliegen naar Alaska via Frankfurt, waar we na 45 minuten vliegen met een 1 maand oude A320 van Lufthansa arriveren. Onze overstaptijd is 1 uur en 40 minuten, dat is op Frankfurt krap. We worden met een bus naar de terminal gebracht en moeten zoals daar gebruikelijk is erg ver lopen. Ook een douane en securitycheck kosten veel tijd. Bij de gate wisselen we nog van zitplaats, het vliegtuig blijkt ver van vol te zitten. De B767-300ER van Condor zal ons in een kleine tien uur naar Anchorage brengen. De service aan boord gaat met Duitse efficiëntie, maar beide maaltijden zijn erg smaakvol. We vliegen via de Noorse ... read more
Take-off Schiphol Kaagbaan
Maaltijd 1 Condor
Ijsschotsen Groenland

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks August 16th 2019

Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs We arrived in Fairbanks after a short 128 miles from Denali. It seemed to be mostly downhill. The roads in Alaska are fairly good in most places, then the gravel roads of construction zones appear. With The permafrost issue, the repaired roads are like a roller coaster. You have to slow down or head bottom, and don’t mentIon the right to left roll that gets added in. Good thing I don’t really get car sick.... This Fairbanks feeling is like the ‘end of the road.’. I mean it really is. About 50 miles north from here is the Arctic Circle ⭕️ , Prudhoe Bay oil field and only a few dirt roads. The gals went to the Hilltop Truck Stop diner last night for dinner and pie. The road was built ... read more
Denali tops map
Bus used in “Into the Wild” movie
Button mushroom ?

Denali We are now at Denali. Before we stayed in a new RV Park in Wasilla. It was really nice, but we neither saw Sarah Palin or any of Russia. Mom said there was no way you can see Russia from here! This was just a rest stop because of the miles driving. I’m getting into this travel bit....not so stressful. It was raining in Denali when we arrived. But the RV Park was north a ways and no rain. Sunday the gals left for an 8 hour park tour but Mom made arrangements for a pet walker for me. She let them know I am a shy boy...and they had to send out Kevin, the dog whisperer. By the 2nd visit, I was showing him my tummy. These things are new to me. Mom got ... read more
Halibut catch
view from campground on the Spit
campground in Wasilla

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

2019, 7 Barrow, Alaska DVD 144716 0 2019, 7 Barrow, Fairbanks, Alaska DVD 144716 1 2019, 7 Barrow, Fairbanks, Alaska DVD 144716 2 Denali National Park, Alaska 2019-7-24 Chuyen di Fairbanks va Barrow 7-24 to 31-2019 Toi da di Alaska 3 lan va lan cuoi cung la 5-2019. Lan nay 7-2019 toi lai di nua va lan nay toi di land trip thay vi di bang Cruise nhu may lan truoc. Muc dich cua lan di nay la toi muon di den vung Top of the World la Barrow boi vi vung nay cao nhat the gioi, mot community o vi the cao nhat the gioi cao hon ca Iceland va nam tren Arctic Circle. Toi dat may bay di tu Fairbanks den Barrow ngay 7-29-19 va ve ngay 7-30-19 tuy nhien vi tinh co... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

Pruhoe Bay: Nam 1968 Arco kham pha mo dau lon tay phia bac cua Alaska va Anchorage la Prudhoe Bay. Tai day co 2 mo dau o Prudhoe bay va Kuparuk river la 2 onshore, oil field tren dat lien lon nhat the gioi trong khi da so oil field cua the gioi la off shore oil fields o ngoai bien. Mo dau o day tao nen su phon thinh cua Anchorage. Prudhoe Bay oil field la mo dau lon nhat nuoc My va ngay ca Bac My rong 213,000 acres, bat dau kham pha lay dau nam 1977 voi 1.5 trieu thung moi nam va hien gio la 280,000 thung dau moi nam trong khi nuoc san suat dau nhieu nhat Saudi Arabia san suat 3,000 trieu thung moi nam . Dau o day co ... read more

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