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Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs We arrived in Fairbanks after a short 128 miles from Denali. It seemed to be mostly downhill. The roads in Alaska are fairly good in most places, then the gravel roads of construction zones appear. With The permafrost issue, the repaired roads are like a roller coaster. You have to slow down or head bottom, and don’t mentIon the right to left roll that gets added in. Good thing I don’t really get car sick.... This Fairbanks feeling is like the ‘end of the road.’. I mean it really is. About 50 miles north from here is the Arctic Circle ⭕️ , Prudhoe Bay oil field and only a few dirt roads. The gals went to the Hilltop Truck Stop diner last night for dinner and pie. The road was built ... read more
Denali tops map
Bus used in “Into the Wild” movie
Button mushroom ?

Denali We are now at Denali. Before we stayed in a new RV Park in Wasilla. It was really nice, but we neither saw Sarah Palin or any of Russia. Mom said there was no way you can see Russia from here! This was just a rest stop because of the miles driving. I’m getting into this travel bit....not so stressful. It was raining in Denali when we arrived. But the RV Park was north a ways and no rain. Sunday the gals left for an 8 hour park tour but Mom made arrangements for a pet walker for me. She let them know I am a shy boy...and they had to send out Kevin, the dog whisperer. By the 2nd visit, I was showing him my tummy. These things are new to me. Mom got ... read more
Halibut catch
view from campground on the Spit
campground in Wasilla

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

Denali National Park, Alaska 2019-7-24 Chuyen di Fairbanks va Barrow 7-24 to 31-2019 Toi da di Alaska 3 lan va lan cuoi cung la 5-2019. Lan nay 7-2019 toi lai di nua va lan nay toi di land trip thay vi di bang Cruise nhu may lan truoc. Muc dich cua lan di nay la toi muon di den vung Top of the World la Barrow boi vi vung nay cao nhat the gioi, mot community o vi the cao nhat the gioi cao hon ca Iceland va nam tren Arctic Circle. Toi dat may bay di tu Fairbanks den Barrow ngay 7-29-19 va ve ngay 7-30-19 tuy nhien vi tinh co trung ngay le Kivgiq cua dan Eskimos duoc to chuc 3 nam mot lan nen toi tim khong co phong thue trong so 4 ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

Pruhoe Bay: Nam 1968 Arco kham pha mo dau lon tay phia bac cua Alaska va Anchorage la Prudhoe Bay. Tai day co 2 mo dau o Prudhoe bay va Kuparuk river la 2 onshore, oil field tren dat lien lon nhat the gioi trong khi da so oil field cua the gioi la off shore oil fields o ngoai bien. Mo dau o day tao nen su phon thinh cua Anchorage. Prudhoe Bay oil field la mo dau lon nhat nuoc My va ngay ca Bac My rong 213,000 acres, bat dau kham pha lay dau nam 1977 voi 1.5 trieu thung moi nam va hien gio la 280,000 thung dau moi nam trong khi nuoc san suat dau nhieu nhat Saudi Arabia san suat 3,000 trieu thung moi nam . Dau o day co ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

Barrow, Alaska 7-28-2019 Barrow O Barrow chi co 4 khach san ma moi Hotel co khoang 30 phong nhu vay tong cong khach san o day chi co khoang 120 phong cho 120 du khach. O day vao 3 nam 1 lan co ky hoi ten la Kivgiq. Kivgiq hay Messenger Feast la le duoc to chuc giua mua dong sau strong whale harvest. Le nay duoc dat ten tu ten cua 2 nguoi messengers ten la Kivgiq ngay xua di tu lang nay den lang Eskimo khac de moi dan lang den du le Kivgiq. Le nay bi ngung mot thoi gian khoang 70 nam cho den 1988 moi bat dau tro lai. Barrow con duoc goi la Utqiagvok hay city of Utqiagvik duoc goi la the Northernmost American City thuoc tien bang Alaska va ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 6th 2019

Arctic Circle: 7-29-2019 Arctic Circle Nhung dac tinh o Arctic Circle: Tai Arctic circle thi mat troi duoc thay suot ngay 24hrs mot lan trong nam goi la midnight sun vao thang 6 goi la June Solstice va khong thay mat troi lien tuc 24hrs trong ngay mot lan trong nam vao thang 12 hay December duoc goi la December Solstice hay Noon Sun. Antarctic region thi nguoc lai. Arctic circle khong co dinh ma no di chuyen theo Axial Tilt va Arctic Circle di chuyen ve phia Bac 15m/year. Nhung thu o Arctic circle trong do co con Arctic fox Long cua arctic fox thay doi tuy theo mua. Tren nhat la long mua he, giua la mua xuan va duoi cung la mua dong. Arctic fox can di trung binh 29mikles moi ngay va ... read more

In my last post, we had just completed Day 2 on board and I thought that this time, rather than bore you even more silly than I have in previous episodes, by giving you a blow by blow account of each and every day of the cruise, I would take a slightly different approach. In a nutshell, I decided to wait until the cruise is finished and then provide one overall post summarising highlights/lowlights, tips and suggestions, do's and don't's and thoughts on the excursions we participated in. But firstly, an apology.......there are a lot if words in this post and........a lot of photos as well........sorry!! So, in no particular order, here goes: * The Ship - whilst Mandy and I haven't really got any previous (large ship) cruising experience to go by, the Celebrity Millennium ... read more
Mendenhall Glacier - 2
Mendenhall Glacier - 3
Mendenhall Glacier - 4

Today is a very exciting day, a very exciting day indeed; because, today we join our cruise ship. But first, we have to get to our port of embarkation in Seward, about 140 miles from Anchorage and we're doing the journey in style, namely 'Goldstar' on the Alaska Railroad, Coastal Classic service. However, this service does come at a cost, namely..........getting up at 5.00am, to check out of the hotel, hop in a taxi for a two minute ride to the station (too far to walk with all our luggage!) and then check in for the train. To be honest, it was a bit of a bun fight at the station, but we were lucky because Celebrity Cruise Lines had a truck waiting to take all our main luggage direct to the ship and all being ... read more
The Coastal Classic train - 2
The Coastal Classic train - 3
The Coastal Classic train - 4

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage June 28th 2019

You may well have been wondering why it has been so long since my last post; alternatively of course, you may well have been relieved to have had some respite from the trials and tribulations of the Famous Five. Well, the fact is, we have been aboard our cruise ship for the last 8 days and even with the ship's 'super value', 'special offer', 'one time only', 'bargain basement price' for a week's access to the Wifi, it would still have rivalled the amount that America paid Russia to purchase Alaska way back in 1867 - for those that are interested, America paid $7.2million! In fact, we even thought about just paying for the Wifi for the last day on ship (when we were at sea all day), but at $55 per day, PER DEVICE (!), ... read more
Breakfast at the Perch - 2
Anchorage - 1
Anchorage - 2

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage June 26th 2019

After yesterday's fun and games, we all managed to sleep remarkably soundly and were pretty well rested for our longish drive to Denali National Park today. Our hotel, the 'Towneplace Suites by Marriott' was unusual (for an American hotel) in providing a 'free' breakfast and we all met at eight to refuel before our trip. We checked out, left our broken suitcase with reception for them to chuck in their dumpster(!) and loaded up our new vehicle, a Toyota Sienna people carrier, which is just about big enough for the five of us and all our baggage! We are off to Denali for a couple days and will then be back to Anchorage for a proper look around where we will be staying at the Hilton Anchorage for a further couple of nights. Yesterday evening we ... read more
Talkeetna 2
Talkeetna 3
Talkeetna 4

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