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North America » United States » Alaska » Kodiak May 8th 2023

Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th, Friday 28th April 2023 He certainly made the right call not to go to Kushiro!! There was a storm forecast for that area and we were just going to skirt around the edge of it! It was a wild night!! All balcony doors were locked, the storm wind whistling all night, gale force 11, and angry seas with 25ft waves! This lasted all night and all the next day and made moving around the ship quite difficult (the ship has excellent stabilisers!!) Then on the Friday we woke up to blue sky, blue sea and sun! The wind was still quite strong and there were white horses on the sea but a definite improvement. So far the clocks have been/going forward by 1hr a night which means a total of 3 hrs ... read more
Swimming Pool on Westerdam before they had to drain it
View of Kodiak from the bridge
Chris on beach at Northend Trail

North America » United States » Alaska September 28th 2022

Wed, 21 September – Cruise day 1 - Vancouver It was a sublime sleep in our room at the Sahara Hotel which was rudely interrupted by a 4.30pm alarm, reminding us of our 7am flight. Such a shame to leave a wonderfully cosy bed. We returned the car, flew from Vegas to Portland and then Portland to Vancouver. We were anxious about the flights because our original itinerary was to fly direct from Vegas to Vancouver with Air Canada, but they cancelled their morning flight and so we were bumped onto the alternative via Portland. The anxiety came because the cruise had bumped up their departure time from 6pm to 4pm and our rerouted itinerary meant landing at 11.50am instead of 10.30am, so our 8-hr buffer had shrunk to 4 hrs, assuming no delays. At Portland ... read more
Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver

North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan June 24th 2022

Today was a top-notch vacation day. ? We awoke to beautiful, sunny weather in Ketchikan, Alaska. We have been so lucky on this cruise to have the most pleasant weather you can ask for in this region. Every tour we take they mention how lucky we are to have such nice weather and every day on the ship announcements the Captain will mention once again how lucky we are to have such clear surroundings. Occasionally, we will be enveloped in a white fog and the ship’s foghorn will go off for a couple of hours but then it clears in an hour and we can see the mountains again. Today we were off the ship at 7:30am. I had booked the Bering Sea Crab Tour directly with the owners of the Aleutian Ballad. If you’ve ever ... read more
Bald Eagles
Bald Eagle
Rock Crab

Today was a good day that left me a bit in awe of Alaska. I woke-up and forced myself to go exercise like a normal person. I have met my step goal every day on vacation but today I actually huffed it around the track for over 2 miles and got my heart rate up and even sweated a little bit. It felt great!! It’s not surprising how fast I can walk with no dog on the leash and a nice, level surface. After walking and breakfast, I watched the movie “Gifted” on our stateroom TV. It was okay. Today our ship sailed to the Hubbard Glacier which is the most northern part of this ship’s journey for us. The glacier is 76 miles long and 6 miles wide and is the largest glacier in North ... read more
The Hubbard Gllacier and surrounding ice
Clear skies from our balcony

North America » United States » Alaska June 21st 2022

Greetings from somewhere between Juneau and Sitka Alaska. It’s 1:20am boat time but 4:20am Missouri time. This is the time I wake-up some mornings. My schedule is wrecked. So… at some point this morning I woke-up and looked out and saw mountains! The scenery was beautiful all day. Mountains, snow caps, and streams on both sides of the ship. I attended a 9am class on how to use your binoculars. It lasted about 30 minutes and had a couple of helpful tips. Our ship was docked in Juneau before 1pm. We took a small-group excursion today (20 people) first to a small boat to go out and see the whales that frequent Juneau and next to a trail walk through the Tongass National Forest to see Mendenhall Glacier. The whale boat was small and it could ... read more
View from balcony
It was 42 when we woke-up.  This will be our coldest day.
A whale tail

North America » United States » Alaska June 20th 2022

Today is a day where the ship moves to a new place and doesn’t stop anywhere. They call them Sea Days. You sleep in, walk the ship, play games, etc. I slept until 6am (that's 8am Missouri time). I walked a little bit of the ship which is ornate but not too gaudy. The fog was so bad today the captain had to blow the horn every three minutes for most of the day until late this afternoon. The only thing we could see off our balcony was fog. It still felt great sitting out there… for about 15 minutes at a time. There was no view and it was chilly-chilly. This afternoon things have cleared-up and you can see the mountains peeking out from the clouds. I found the REAL walking track after dinner tonight!! ... read more
View from walking track
A lady

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka June 20th 2022

The road from Tok in Alaska to Dawson City in the Yukon is called the “Top of the World Highway” with good reason. The road, mostly gravel, climbs up and along a ridge for 66 miles to reach the gold panning hamlet of Chicken, population 17 in summer and just 3 in winter. One of the three is Martha, the postmistress, who actually lives even further into the wild, up her own 20 mile track. Until the late 1940s, Chicken was only accessible from Canada. The views from the road are of spruce tree lined valleys beyond which tower huge snowy mountains. It is a vast landscape with nothing man-made except the narrow strip of our dirt road – no houses, no huts, not even other tracks. 43 miles past Chicken we reach the border and ... read more
Mountains and lakes
Diamond Tooth Gertie and her dancers
Brown bear

North America » United States » Alaska » Denali June 13th 2022

In some ways Anchorage feels like any other US city, with wide streets set out in a grid pattern, but look up and there are snow-covered mountains in every direction. Sea-planes fly overhead, snow-mobiles sit in backyards and houses have moose fences. Alaska is huge, over twice the size of any other US state or, in European terms, larger than France, Germany, Spain and Italy combined. And it is remote, it took us over three hours to fly here from Seattle, the nearest city in continental USA. There are few tourists so many locals want to chat. A police officer checks that we are not lost and then recommends a good coffee shop and places for dinner; the mail man assures us that the 'dead end' does lead to the shore; a couple who are gardening ... read more
Aialik glacier
Bull moose
Fairview Inn

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks March 25th 2022

Gallivanting Like a Royal Alaska September 2021 – Fairbanks Greater Area by Duchess DJ Love Do you dream of seeing the Northern Lights? I do. While visiting Alaska last summer (Aug 2020), I found out that the aurora borealis begins dancing in the sky from August 21 to April 21. You guessed it. I plan a trip in mid-September to make my dream come true. Since Covid continues, airfare is reasonable. Lucky me steals a deal on 1st class with American Airlines, my carrier of choice. Then I proceed to reserve a room at Chena Hot Springs Resort. I’m on a roll. The rental cars are a bit scarce, but I secure one. I like to Unpack the Trip b4 Takeoff which is an eBook that I wrote about my travel tips, planning and advice for ... read more
View from Plane Approaching Fairbanks
Chena Hot Springs Resort Healing Waters
Feeling the Love at Chena Hot Springs Resort

North America » United States » Alaska » Alaskan Highway March 17th 2022

Gallivanting Like a Royal Alaska Adventure August 2020 – Summer of Covid by Duchess DJ Love As a passionate traveler needing a destination away due to the Covid lockdown, I book a trip to Alaska August 6-12, 2020. I needed a safe destination especially since my mom will be traveling with me. Mom has Alzheimers. I have to take her needs into consideration. You can learn how we are dealing with this illness and how both of us cope. More on this topic in my book, My Royal Mom…Lady Lexie vs Alzheimers. Alaska was open to US travelers only with strict travel requirements. I assumed few folks would be traveling with the enhanced restrictions. Alaska was a safe, well as safe, as you could get a place to go. I was not about to let this ... read more
Travel Route
Turnagain Arm
Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel

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