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North America » United States » Alaska » Gustavus August 20th 2014

GUSTAVUS We were staying in the small community of Gustavus located on the north shore of the Icy Strait. With only 500 residents the village was very relaxed and friendly - in fact as you travelled around everyone would give you a nod or a wave or stop to chat. There was no crime here so there was no need of a police force. Everyone leaves their doors open day and night. One of the staff at the inn said they only drive old cars and no one would want to steal them - in any event if they did they wouldn't have anywhere to drive them to - hopefully the new car ferry connected with Juneau will not change that! The main concern for ‘car owning locals’ was loosing their car keys and not having ... read more
Choosing the right bike
Gustavus Moose Antlers
Gustavus Dock & Ferry

North America » United States » Alaska » Gustavus August 15th 2014

First of all I would like to correct the bird's name in our last blog which I incorrectly named as an Osprey when in fact it was a Peregrine Falcon - thanks SC for pointing this out and thanks for your email to - glad that you are still enjoying our blogs after all this time. I know you particularly like the bird photos but I am afraid there have not been too many recently as most of them seem to have flown the nest! It was sad to leave the Lower 48 and our ‘Eyeball van home’ but it was time to set off on yet another adventure, so we flew from San Francisco to Juneau in Alaska with a brief touch down in Seattle. Alaska only became the 49th state of the USA after ... read more
Arriving in Gustavus
No  - I did not land the plane
Gustavus Gift Shop

North America » United States » Alaska » Gustavus January 20th 2010

Freezing Fog? Ouch. Bottom line is the planes didn't take off or land. Little planes as well as the jets in Juneau. So day one of this Mexico vacation starts and ends, at home in Alaska. Which is OK, although I missed dinner with a friend. I was going over to Juneau a day early, just in case there were weather issues - a common strategy here this time of year. The jet south is tomorrow afternoon, maybe. What will it be in the morning... more freezing fog? On my way to the airport this morning I was struck by the clear roads and partially clear woods. In the last two weeks we've had torrents of rain, driving rain, followed by mountains of snow and now back to rain again. There are parts of town close ... read more
Crystals in the Crane Flats
The outhouse in all its glory
A pine with snow

North America » United States » Alaska » Gustavus March 1st 2009

This morning I put on my dry suit to go skiing. My kayak buddy wrote on his Facebook status line last night that he was digging his kayak out of the snow. This morning we had to use hot water to liberate the pump, bungeed to the kayak and held fast to the frozen ground. But the ocean was flat calm. We kayaked over to Pleasant Island and skied 5 blue sky sunny hours through the open muskeg to the base of the Knob, and back. Yesterday I skied north along stream meadows and connecting woods. As I popped out from some trees into a little meadow, 7 swans took off from the meandering stream. No decent photos though, the good camera was in the backpack - skiing and my skill level are still reconciling themselves. ... read more
Dig out that kayak and go skiing!!!!
Ski to the Sea
Glacier Bay

North America » United States » Alaska » Gustavus February 15th 2009

“What is it like in Alaska?” I was watching the lighting flash across the Buenos Aires night sky as we sat on a covered terrace in Palarmo last weekend. My Argentinean friends Javier and Griselda were curious... I described a landscape so different... cold, snow, very few houses, a town were just about everyone knows each other. They made me promise to write a blog about it... this place I call home. There's the land and there's the people. Chip met me at the airport. He had been over to the house the day before and got the heat going so I came back to a nice warm house. Kim and Wayne left me their car in case mine didn't start, but we attached the battery cables and my old truck started right up. I stopped ... read more
Skiing in the near by muskeg
The final flight
Town dock with snow

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