Alaska - Day 2

Published: June 25th 2017
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Mr. Conductor.Mr. Conductor.Mr. Conductor.

And, our train, that took us from Anchorage to Denali.
Day 2 – Alaska

Today, we left for Denali. The luggage was sent on ahead on a truck since the train did not have a space for everyone’s luggage. We all boarded the McKinley Explorer, not the McKinley Express. The name gives it away. We were going to have a nice slow ride to Denali, so that we could see some wildlife perhaps, and scenery for sure. It took a while to get the scenery to show up. The tracks go through the forest, and most of what you saw were trees on both sides. Sometimes, lakes, and a break in the tree wall, which allowed us to see Moose, Osprey nests, Trumpet swans and a Bald Eagle. He flew around while we were stopped on a side track, and then landed in a tree.

We had lunch in eating area, which is the lower level of the car. Very nice eating setup, and the food was good, prepared fresh on board. Another day of moving from one point to another, but in was slow and the scenery was good. The weather was overcast when we started, but the sun came out about 100 miles from Denali.

McKinely ExplorerMcKinely ExplorerMcKinely Explorer

The McKinley Express makes no stops, and zooms by but the Explorer is a slow train, showing the scenery.

When we arrived, there were buses to take us to the Chalet. Our luggage was already in the room. The room is nice. Last night, we heard city traffic ALL night long, tonight we opened our window slightly, since we were beside the river, and all we hear is water rolling over the rocks. We ate outside on the deck at the restaurant located on the property. They started a beer flight presentation to see how it would catch on, so we wanted to do what we could so it would not be taken off the menu.

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Switch the side tracksSwitch the side tracks
Switch the side tracks

With trains moving North and South, you have to switch onto side tracks. It is all done manually. The conductor has to sweep out the switch gear, switch the track, move the train, then switch back after getting back on the main line.
Trumpet Swans.Trumpet Swans.
Trumpet Swans.

We saw several of them, but this was one on her nest. Sorry the picture quality is not great.
Our rain car to DenaliOur rain car to Denali
Our rain car to Denali

Lock, loaded, and ready to go.
Moose on the looseMoose on the loose
Moose on the loose

In the picture you can see a Moose, if you look closely on the plain, in center of picture.
Osprey nestOsprey nest
Osprey nest

The Osprey build their nests on telephone poles, and disrupt communications. Solution. Put up a dummy telephone pole, and let them build on it. Seemed to work here.
Dining CarDining Car
Dining Car

Down below the riding platform, there is the dining car. In the other car, below the dining platform is the kitchen.
Sherman, AlaskaSherman, Alaska
Sherman, Alaska

The mayor of Sherman Alaska. She waves at all the t rains when they go by.
Stopped on a bridge to see river below.Stopped on a bridge to see river below.
Stopped on a bridge to see river below.

A beautiful view of the canyon and river below. You can see shadow of the train and bridge below.
Our home for two daysOur home for two days
Our home for two days

Actually, just where we sleep. We have the sound of the Nenana River right outside the window.
Beer FlightBeer Flight
Beer Flight

Trying to give Karsten's a motivation to keep the Beer Flight on the menu. :-)
Symbol of American FreedomSymbol of American Freedom
Symbol of American Freedom

The Bald Eagle. We saw it hunting while we were stopped on a side track, then it landed in a tree. The best way to look for them is to try and find a ping-pong ball in a tree.

26th June 2017

Day 2
Looks beautiful. The bald eagle looks huge. The train looks nice. Huge windows.
26th June 2017

Nice photos
Looks like you are definitely helping to keep the breweries going!

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