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July 22nd 2014
Published: September 5th 2017
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Another great breakfast - markets up!Another great breakfast - markets up!Another great breakfast - markets up!

That's my room in the background. Quint
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Thing started quietly this morning and stayed that way all day. No plans for anything and nothing happened. Well, nothing terribly exciting but I have to write something so you'll just have to deal with it.

Up by 9 this morning accompanied by a shower and change of wardrobe. I usually shower at night when I'm home with little time in the morning for that. But here I have time and, with the humidity, it just seems refreshing for one in the morning too. The water is free and no drought down here. My room is nice and clean today. Why today, you ask? The cleaning lady/waitress here asks me when to come and clean but the room is fine so I tell "mañana". So I get free chips and salsa every day. She cleaned Monday and she can clean when I leave.

Following my free breakfast, I organized my camera stuff, finished yesterday's blog with the pictures, watched the news and just killed time until around 1pm when I went for a walk around town. I covered a lot of ground, stopping for a cold beer and watching the people. I met the shoe shine kid again and we had a nice visit. From Tijuana, he lives in Tonala with his grandparents. He's twelve years old and going to school.

Bored yet? Ok. Here's more. I got back from the walk and with the weather pretty warm, I checked out the pool? I noticed that when Mom packed my swim trunks, the tie string was missing form the waistband so no diving. I had to hold them up when exiting the pool. I spent a couple of hours out there and I usually don't swim but it was so nice. Showered and went to dinner at the hotel, fettuccini Alfredo and a coke. Later I went to the bar area, which is both inside and out, and worked on last night's blog with a guava/chili Marguarita. Salvatore has about 10 more kinds I'll never get to try (orange, raspberry, pomegranate and more).

I'm catching up on the news and that's it. Martin called but doesn't know what's going on for tomorrow. Apparently, Francisco makes all the plans and no one talks to him.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode in the life of "A Gringo goes to Mexico". Mom does seem to more adventure to our trips. I miss her.

There's those guys again flying aroundThere's those guys again flying aroundThere's those guys again flying around

This time I had to tip them. 5 pesos gone!

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A tortuga in the hotel pondA tortuga in the hotel pond
A tortuga in the hotel pond

Not as nice as Mom's pond. Fish in there too.

23rd July 2014

Love these blogs your quite the writer big al!
24th July 2014

Is that anywhere near the Chang river?
24th July 2014

Yes. I'm sure you've been there.
28th July 2014

thanks, Tot

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