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July 23rd 2014
Published: September 5th 2017
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Well, this one is going to be short. The family down here had nothing going on but packing since when the returned from Puerto Vallarta on Sunday, they were leaving Monday for home. I, on the other hand, would be returning one day early since my flight was prearranged and the cost to change the date was too much. I'll be leaving Puerto Vallarta Saturday morning for a bus leaving 12:45 pm and getting back to Guadalajara just before 6. My flight leaves at 9:45pm Saturday night.

It was good nothing was going on today with all the people because I was certainly busy. Yesterday my stomach was making gurgling sounds but it passed. This morning I had a situation. Woke up, ran to the bathroom, took a shower and waited. Repeated in one hour. Again in two hours. Once more in two hours and it was done. I was fortunate to be in my room with toilet and shower handy. No accidents. Enough of this.

I still had my free breakfast and a beer with chips around 5pm. Next was a salad for dinner and coke. That was it. I had a nice chat with lady at the desk. She speaks excellent English and we spoke of government, lazy people and family values. These were important subjects to her and I had plenty to add. My bill is complete. Wake up call with my own backup at 5:30. I'll need to be at Martin's house at 6:30 for the bus at 7am to Puerto Vallarta.

All is good with my other problem. Only a few hours of unpleasantness.

Nighty night.

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24th July 2014

It's the ice cubes and lettece. They wash the lettece in their water... Yikes! Stay away from the water.... Ha! I bet you wish mom was there on that day.... Mom my stomach..... Help me.... Lol lol Queenie!
24th July 2014

It's butterfly season down here. They're everywhere!mm
24th July 2014

Buddy you can only swallow about 59 if you swallow 60 or more you will have a problem.

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