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July 18th 2014
Published: September 5th 2017
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Up this morning at 8:30. It's cloudy but warm, typically for this season. Shower, shorts, and breakfast should make for a great start to the day.

Their continental breakfasts here are free and tasty. Just fruit, muffins orange juice and coffee with a change of fruit each day. With that out of the way, I loaded pictures and published yesterday's blog, organized my stuff, charged all gear and called Martin's house. Talked to a guy that told me they were out for a few hours. Ok. So I walked into town, bought some insect repellant, small "Chiquita bananas" (not the brand name) and stopped for a cerveza and people watching. This kid wanted to shine my shoes and I told him I had sandals on. "I can still do it for you, Señor", he pleaded. I got him down to 15 pesos but he did such a good job, I gave him a 20 with a tip. I'm truly a man with a heart and a big spender too. That cost me $1.70. Add in the bananas for 8 pesos, the beer for 40 pesos, an ice cream cone 16 pesos and the insect spray, I'm out close to $10. This trip is costing me a fortune!

Back at the hotel, I check on the news and and make several more attempts to contact Martin. People answer but he's always out. I decide to make one more try before going to dinner and he answers. Finally! I have connected. I'm invited to a taco dinner at a local restaurant. So I grab a cab 70 pesos and get to their house. All the amigos and familia are there and a group of 30 walk down to the taco place, with more arriving and leaving all the time. It's a giant help yourself feast. Tati shows up with Nick. After the meal, I try to catch a cab back to the hotel but that's not happening. "Señor! Mas fiesta a la casa". I argue that it's late but apparently not in Mexico.

So everyone hangs out in the street at the parents house until 1am. That's when I left. I'm sure they were there long after that because someone just made a beer run. Tomorrow's the quinciniera, Sunday y a grand fiesta at a nearby ranch and Monday the pyramids. I don't know what all that means but I'll find out, whether I want to or not. It's beddy-bye time for this Gringo.

Adios, mis amigos

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Partying on the streets of Guadalajara Partying on the streets of Guadalajara
Partying on the streets of Guadalajara

Does anyone care that it's 1am? Oh well.

20th July 2014

Wow I can't believe how beautiful Cindy looks! She looks so young and that dress is geogious on her. The blonde bright hair makes her look 20 years younger. She has lost a lot of weight too. So proud of her. She looks great!

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