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July 19th 2014
Published: September 5th 2017
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What happened? It's 10am! My free breakfast! No shower if I'm to get there in time. I throw on my clothes, brush my teeth and secure my real estate amongst the others. She suspects nothing and I have my usual: fruit, muffins orange juice and coffee. A savings of $5. With my victory at hand, I return to the sanctity of my room to complete yesterday's blog, including the photos. The WiFi is good here so I can download pictures from my cameras and phone more easily. Completing that, I call Mom to see what's happening and take my shower. It's finally time to retire some of these clothes. Temperature still in the high 70s, low 80s.

Off to the ATM for cash to pay for the Puerto Vallarta trip next week. I walk throughout the artesian section Tlaquepaque checking out booths and shops. I'm not very thorough like Mom would be, just a peek inside is good. Picked up a bottle of water for 10 pesos at OXXO and headed back to the hotel. I call to the house and Francisco answered. We determine that it's best for me to go directly to the church from the hotel,
Walking around Tlaquepaque shopsWalking around Tlaquepaque shopsWalking around Tlaquepaque shops

Without Mom, it didn't cost anything.
bypassing the confusion at the house. I receive my usual Spanish lesson from him. Now it's Marguarita time. In the bar poolside, I order a Marguarita and syome chips while I write this. I have two hours before I have to leave.

A welcome nap shortened by the need to get dressed for the Quinciniera was in order and with directions in hand, went to the front desk for a taxi. The driver new where the church was so the trip was short and uneventful, the driver not one for conversation. Arriving at the church early, everyone there waited for the limo to arrive with the dignitaries. It did and the craziness ensued. Pictures of everyone with Sofia. It was like an episode from The Kardashians. Then into the church for a more solemn and uplifting sermon with singing, scriptures and prayers. In about an hour the priest was finished and we were back outside for more pictures. From the look on Sofia's face, I think she was done with cameras. Sorry, honey, it's just beginning. Off to the fiesta!!

It was held at a beautiful hall near the church, with a waterfall inside and palm trees all around. Parking was hectic but managed well. We were a little early to enter so Israel and I went across the street to a taco stand for a snack. Dinner at the Quinciniera is usually served late and we were hungry. Great food. I called Mom from there and she had a nice conversation with Israel while we ate.

At the fiesta, the music was going, pictures were being taken and the drinking underway. The words of the night, quite the usual in my Mexican experience, was "Señor, a shot for you, señor." This was followed by "eh, eh, eh, eh" as you gulp it down. No sipping. When you're done, "Another señor? Come on!" It takes great skill to satisfy everyone as to your drinking abilities as a "true Mexicano" without being carried out of the hall at nights end totally drunk. No shame in that though for then, you would be honored as "a true Mexican that knows how to party". Martin spared no expense for his daughter. Dancing was constant. I mean constant. If your waiting to take a break when it stops, forget it. I think they're different songs but blended together for hours. Cerveza and tequila flowed freely all night. The shot glasses seemed to slow the whole process down so everyone just walked around with bottles, pouring into the mouths of willing and not-so-willing guests. No, the kids weren't included in this part but they partied as hard as the adults, dancing and running around into the wee hours of the morning. Conditioning. That's what it is. The food was great. The photo and video team went all night too. Sofia did a number of routines with here cousins, all dressed in costumes and she made it all the way, a real "trooper" as we say.

At the end of the night, after 2am, a little cleanup and time to go home. I caught a ride with someone back to my hotel with final words from Martin that sent chills throughout my body.

"Señor, remember, tomorrow is the big fiesta at the rancho!" Oh, no!!"


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21st July 2014

Looks like a fun time.. ;-) love allthe pictures and her dress was beautiful... Queenie.
21st July 2014

You forgot to add how you danced with your favorite dancers all night ( me & your ninny) ;)) love you big al!

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