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February 9th 2011
Published: February 9th 2011
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We woke this morning to a multitude of bird songs…but it was hard to spot a single bird! I did see a small yellow and olive bird on the way to breakfast and glimpsed the magnificent green jay while eating. Yesterday, there was a large bird with a very long tail outside our room…it could turn its tail like the hands on a clock!

I’m writing this outside our room and can see birds moving in the trees right now…The skies have cleared and it’s getting warmer. Last night the “Canadian weather” as they call it, lowered temperatures enough that I needed a blanket in the middle of the night!

I am starting to feel better finally!

Sunday PM

Well, quite a day! On a suggestion of the owners of our hotel, we visited the Sunday market in Muna, a nearby town, and then looked up Pedro, who has a craft stand on top of the hill south of town. The highway went past his stand until the recent bypass route was constructed. He is starting to give tours of the nearby unrestored Mayan ruins. He has also begun a native plant garden.

Mayan woman at the Muna MarketMayan woman at the Muna MarketMayan woman at the Muna Market

The majority of older woman still wear hupiles. The embroidery is mostly done on sewing machines now. Older Mayans tend to be short.
took us on a three hour hike to caves, ancient rainwater storage cisterns, and up the pyramid. It was our own little "Raiders of the Lost Ark"....

Pedro is very knowledgeable about history and the local flora, speaks English, French, Italian, and Mayan, besides Spanish, and produces beautiful carvings on gourd-like large tree fruit husks..

After dragging our sweaty bodies back into the car, we decided that we had time to visit one of the smaller ruins, Oxkintok. There were only several Mexican families there besides us. We drove back the long way through another small town where tourists are a novelty.

Tonight we relaxed with a beer on our veranda after much needed showers. Bill is watching a fuzzy broadcast of the Superbowl before we head for dinner.

Additional photos below
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The Small CaveThe Small Cave
The Small Cave

This was on the first part of the hike. Pedro's dog found this cave. There are figurines on a high ledge, and pottery fragments. Bill decided to go down...
Bill descendingBill descending
Bill descending

Pedro is already inside.
Bill ascendingBill ascending
Bill ascending

There is a rope, then an aluminum ladder...
Pieces of Mayan buildings in the forestPieces of Mayan buildings in the forest
Pieces of Mayan buildings in the forest

Pedro has uncovered a lot of ancient stone, both shaped and carved pieces.
Rope ladder into the second cave areaRope ladder into the second cave area
Rope ladder into the second cave area

My dislike of heights kept me out of this cave too...The cave is open here but stretches a long ways underground...
Looking into the second caveLooking into the second cave
Looking into the second cave

It was like a park...
A still jungle covered pyramidA still jungle covered pyramid
A still jungle covered pyramid

This is like the one we climbed, but ours was taller. Just imagine climbing over piles of fallen stone, up and up and very warm weather!

9th February 2011

Caves and shoes
Scarry lookin' place, that tiny hole leading down to the cave. Did you knaw at your shoes while waiting for Bill to emerge again or did the song birds borrow some special parts of your shoes to build their nests? Keep sending your fotos and stories! BTW, Sam is donating the wine again for the party on 2/14! Yeah!!!

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