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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida August 15th 2023

After the night in Merida, which is a really pretty place if totally honest, but then all the little places we have been to have been lovely with great squares and small places to eat and drink. We watch the local dancing which is quite nice and different and gets great crowds looking on. I am so looking forward to going to a couple of Cenotes. One is partly covered by a cave and one is totally open. Now you are probably, saying what the hell is a Cenote - well they are limestone sinkholes which have really clear water. Cenotes were commonly used for water supplies by the ancient Maya and also would you believe some of them were used for sacrificial offerings - these Mayan people loved a sacrificial ritual it appears! The first ... read more
Main temple Chicken Itza
Get the ball through this

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida February 11th 2023

Last day of two weeks of vacation. My first flight did not leave Merida until 1 so we had time to walk to breakfast and linger a bit. Cafe Montejo had the honor of the last good meal of the trip. I decided to start easing myself back into the US by having some hot cakes but with a side of fresh fruit and yogurt. Way too much food again but so good. I also had papaya juice which was super refreshing. All morning there was a threat of rain and it held off long enough for us to get back to the Airbnb and then to get into the Uber to the airport. Once on the road it started pouring! I was glad the airport had an overhang for the drop off area! My aunt ... read more
Hot Cakes!
Rainy Merida
Sunny, but smoggy, Mexico City

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida February 10th 2023

For my last full day in Merida I wanted to do some shopping to pick up souvenirs for people, sit in a park and not really do anything else specific. It was a really warm, sunny day and also ended up being the one we did the most walking. The first walk was to breakfast that I thought was good. I had fried eggs on rice with avocado and fried plantains and fresh orange juice. Once we were done eating we walked to the main square and went in the Museo Casa Montejo. This front of this building is the oldest house in Merida. Inside is a free museum offering decorated rooms in the home as well as revolving exhibitions. Climbing to the second floor gives you a nice view out onto the square. From here ... read more
Inside the Casa de Montejo
Temporary exhibition

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida February 8th 2023

This morning we had another early start breakfast of Cheerios. Our destination for the day was the Hacienda Mucuyche. This is one of many haciendas that were built during the henequen boom of the late 1880s to the 1920s. Henequen is a member of the agave family and the fibers are super strong. It was used to make ropes and bags to store grain as well as hats, handbags and more. The invention of nylon saw the end of the wealth for henequen plantations as nylon was cheaper and easier to produce. Today henequen is still used for hats and bags available for sale in many of the local markets. The other attraction here is the two cenotes, Carlota and Mayan Blue. Mucuyche has been left in its abandoned state and is hauntingly beautiful. The front ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida February 6th 2023

My first full day in Merida was a busy one! We started the morning by eating at Chaya Maya, a cute restaurant with a nice courtyard. I had some tacos with turkey, avocado, cucumber, tomato and pickled onions. Also some orange juice that wasn’t really fresh squeezed but still refreshing. And the meal was very filling! The tourist office offers a free walking tour of the historic square and we were able to take the first one at 9:30. Our guide talked about the history of Merida and how it was built on Mayan ruins. He explained all the buildings on the square (mostly I forgot already what they all were) and the style of architecture. We walked a little off the square to two very nice smaller parks. Each park had lots of trees and ... read more
City Hall
Costco Cenote

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida February 5th 2023

By coincidence, I already had a week long trip to Merida, Mexico with my aunt and uncle planned before I won my work trip to Aruba and luckily they were right in a row. Two weeks away from the cold and snow of South Elgin is just what I need! My room at the airport hotel included breakfast. I was disappointed to learn the free breakfast did not include juice. How can you be in Florida and not have fresh orange juice with your breakfast??? I paid for it…. The room had no view and was pretty boring so I checked out and headed to the terminal at 9 for my 12:30 flight. The security line was short and I was quickly back in terminal D, where I again was about as far from my gate ... read more
Nice screened in balcony
Love this pool area
Dinner drinks

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida February 20th 2020

Week five and its Merida a busy bustling colonial city. This is the culture part of the trip and we chose Merida as it gives access to two big Mayan sites, Chitzen Itza and Uxmal. After much research I decided that the latter was the better option, mainly because Chitzen Itza is in easy reach of holiday heaven Cancun and the cruise ship crowds. The temperatures in Merida were 10 °more than Nayarit but because of the buildings in the city it was still high 30 in the evenings. It definitely slowed us down but thank heavens for air conditioning and the pool. Our first day was all about getting our bearings but the city was laid out in a simple block system, even numbers north to South and odd numbers East to west. Thankfully we ... read more
View Uxmal
Chris at Uxmal
The rain God

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida February 13th 2020

Okay folks week four and we are now in Yucatan in the colonial city of Merida. But back to last week and Santa Maria del Oro ( SAMAO)or Laguna Santa Maria del Oro to be precise. We drove from Guadalajara airport and it was raining and the road through the city was rubbish. We realised on Tuesday evening that we had lost a hubcap and dinked the tyre rim. We had popped into to see a lovely lady called Isabel who was landlady to our friend Michael. Next morning we went up to SAMAO to talk to Jose in the garage, he said we would have to buy 4 VW hubcaps at megabucks. We also dropped our laundry and originally she said it couldn't be done till Friday or Saturday but then relented! SAMAO now has ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida January 29th 2020

Auf dem Weg nach Merida halten wir auf der wunderschönen Hacienda San Lorenzo Oxman, nur 10 Auto-Minuten und eine Schotterpiste von Valladolid entfernt. Die ehemalige Farm ist heute ein exklusives Hotel mit Pool aber auch Gästen von außerhalb ist es erlaubt gegen Gebühr das Cenote auf dem Gelände der Hacienda zu benutzen. Marlene ist wieder erstaunlich fit und möchte gerne mitgehen in das „große Schwimmbad“, kneift dann aber doch als wir an dem riesigen Wasserloch ankommen, in dem tief unten das leuchtend blaue Wasser wartet. Da wir schon morgens um neun da sind, ist außer uns zunächst nur ein Mann im Wasser, der kurz darauf auch wieder hochsteigt und wir haben das Cenote ganz für uns alleine. Über mehrere Treppen gelangt man hinunter in die „Höhle“ und dann über eine wackelige Holztreppe ins Wasser. Es kostet ... read more
Nonnen am Kloster San Antonio de Padua
Kloster San Antonio de Padua

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida November 2nd 2019

In Mexico the 2nd November is a huge celebration known as ‘El Dia de los Muertos’ which literally translates as ‘The Day of the Dead.’ It’s a time when families come together to celebrate, honour and remember those who have passed but instead of this being a day of sadness and grief, Mexicans use it as an opportunity to celebrate the thin veil between life and death with music, song and dance, offerings of food and flowers and coming together as a family. As the tradition grows and develops, so do the celebrations. For example, we weren’t expecting to see any Halloween type things but on the 31st October while we were in Isla Mujeres, the main square was full of kids trick or treating, dressed up in Halloween costumes and oddly Disney costumes as well(the ... read more
Colourful cemetery
A walk through the cemetery
Pan de Muerto - Bread of the Dead

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