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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida September 25th 2019

We have been told that it is best to arrive at Chichen Itza early to avoid the crowds and the heat. Our driver Alberto picks us up at 7 and we are at Chichen Itza by 8.30. There is hardly anyone here we buy our tickets. Our guide, Omar, checks that we have both tickets. In fact you need to buy a ticket at each window and then give one ticket to one ticket collector and the other to the other ticket collector (follow?). Chichen Itza is the archeological site in Mexico. Catherine is relieved because you can’t climb anything and the site is close to sea level also there are no tunnels. As we arrive the souvenir sellers are setting up. It must take them hours carefully laying out everything. I’m thinking 2 hour set ... read more
Second rate cenote per favor
Catherine nails the hotel again

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida September 24th 2019

This morning we fly out of Oaxaca to Merida in the Yucatan for Spring Break. It's exciting as Erik, not Erik the viking on the front desk, but Erik the boss is driving us to the airport. As we load the bag I notice that a substantial amount of the rear wheel is in the boot. Whilst it is exciting it is also a sad day as Louise is leaving us for New York. But on a positive note she was starting to get the flu and given both Wilko and I have the squirts the last thing we needed was the flu. Given Becs and I only have one case we have had to do aittle bit of bag shuffling to get it under 25kg (Wilko made us fly economy). At check in the bag ... read more
The square

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida November 23rd 2018

Today is earmarked for exploring Mérida (it looks as if it will take all of 5 minutes) and sussing out where everything is for exploring the region over the next few days. We get up quite late (around 9am) and go out for breakfast. We both have fried eggs on a bed of fried potatoes, mushrooms and peppers with grated cheese. It’s really yummy. Then we set off to explore. When the Spanish conquered the Mayan town on this site, they found a settlement of lime-mortared stone structures that reminded them of the Roman town of Mérida in Spain, so this place was named after it. We walk down Calle 60 which is supposed to be the street where everything is happening. Actually there is not much happening but it does take us to the main ... read more
Cathedral, Mérida
Palacio de Gobierno
Mérida Theatre Jose Peon Contreras

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida November 22nd 2018

Today we travel to Mérida. There are no passing taxis outside our hotel so our host summons one. We say our goodbyes and arrive at the ADO bus terminal in good time. Today they check in the luggage but don’t bother to weigh it. We pick up some sandwiches, a bottle of water and, joy, a cup of vanilla coffee! The cash machine has been fixed so we make a withdrawal, then settle ourselves by the big fan that we discovered yesterday. Our bus has arrived and we make a prompt departure at 8am. Always a good start. We are due to arrive at 4.30pm. I booked the second row of seats as the front ones offer less legroom and I’m pleased to see we have a Dutch couple in front of us - they are ... read more
On the way to Mérida
Mexican Gulf from the road

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida November 6th 2018

Mon 5-Tues 6 November - Day 10 to 11 - Mérida We were now off to Merida after a full day on bus from Palenque to Merida. After a short walk to the bus terminal after breakfast at Palenque, we boarded a first class bus and the journey took the whole day. It was very comfortable. Capital of the Yucatan province, the 'white city' of Mérida is a pleasant mixture of colonial buildings, churches and plazas. There were several wide French-style avenues, particularly Calle 60. This was lined with beautiful old buildings, some run down and some beautifully restored. The markets simply overflow with beautiful weavings, hammocks and batiks, making this a great place to buy handmade crafts and souvenirs if one wanted to. At night the city comes alive with live theatre and concerts. On ... read more
Gobiero Palac Merida Mexico (12)
Second Cenotes we swam in near Merida Mexico (43)
Third Cenotes we swam in near Merida Mexico (51)

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida March 12th 2018

From Bacalar to Mérida, it was a 5 hour bus ride, but the bus was comfortable and I enjoyed the ride. I arrived to Mérida at 7PM and walked about 20 minutes to my hostel (Nomadas Hostel). On the way, I say the main square and the city looked very nice. After the check-in, I went back to the main square (5 min walk) and had dinner in a small restaurant. They had exactly what I needed : a good chicken soup with rice. Perfect! :-) Since I had been feeling better since midday, I went from the restaurant to the main square where a lot was going on. There were people playing drums, dancing typical dances and there was a show of ancient Maya ball play. There I met a few very nice Mexicans : ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida March 12th 2018

Es ist eine 5-stündige Busfahrt von Bacalar nach Mérida, aber der Bus ist bequem und ich fand die Fahrt ganz angenehm. Um 19h kam ich dann schließlich in Mérida an und vom Busterminal waren es gut 20 Minuten zu Fuß zu meinem Hostel (Nomadas Hostel). Unterwegs sah ich bereits den zócalo (Hauptplatz) und die Stadt sah ganz nett aus. Nach meinem Check-in bin ich zurück zum Marktplatz (5 Minuten zu fuß) gegangen und habe in einem netten, kleinen Lokal zu Abend gegessen. Sie hatten dort genau das Richtige für mich : eine leckere Hühnersuppe mit viel Huhn und Reis. Lecker! :-) Da es mir seit dem Mittag wieder besser ging, bin ich vom Restaurant dann weiter zum Hauptplatz, wo, wie jeden Abend, viel los war : junge Männer waren am trommeln, Gruppen tanzten und es gab ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida May 5th 2017

1.5. Wir essen Frühstück in einem bunten Café mit esoterisch-hinduistischen Wandbehängen und einem Rasta-Mann, der in einer Ecke Didgeridoo spielt. Die scharfe Sauce und die 34°, die bereits um 9Uhr herrschen, treiben uns den Schweiss aus allen Poren. Im DiveMex haben sie leider schlechte Neuigkeiten, der Hafen ist auch heute noch und voraussichtlich auch morgen geschlossen. Wir beschliessen weiter zu reisen und besorgen Bustickets nach Valladolid. Dort beziehen wir Quartier in einem schönen Kolonialstil-Hotel und machen uns gleich auf einen Spaziergang. Wir schlendern durch enge Gassen mit pastell- und erdfarbenen Fassaden, vorbei an offenstehenden Türen, die Einblick geben mal in vollgestopfte Läden, mal in gekachelte Stuben, wo die ganze Sippe auf Plastikstühlen rund um einen plärrenden Fernseher versammelt ist, mal in schattige Hinterhöfe. Auf den Strassen sehen wir ... read more
farbenfrohes Valladolid
Valladolid: Kolonialstil-Gebäude
Evas Lieblingskäfer

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida March 15th 2017

Well, we're all packed and ready to leave tomorrow morning. We'll head south through Campeche, Champoton, Escarcega and Villahermosa before turning north for a bit and spending the night near Comalcalco. We've decided to make shorter drives in order to make it easier on us and the dogs. Tomorrow should take 8-9 hours. Here's where we'll be: We'll post again tomorrow evening with photos of the trip!... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida March 12th 2017

You might think that a 15 passenger van would have plenty of space for us and the dogs, but once we loaded everything in the world that we decided to keep...quarters got pretty cramped. Most of what we are bringing back was loaded into the back of the van behind piece of plywood to keep the dogs from getting into it. The rest is under seats and bunjee'd into corners. When we packed, I put all the big things in place while Jill came back through and pushed the small stuff into all the open spaces. God help us if The Federales or US Border Patrol deside to search the van. They wouldn't find anything but tools, underwear and dogs toys...but it would take an hour or more to put it all back in place.... read more

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