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October 4th 2016
Published: October 4th 2016
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Tulum is probably one of the most stunning Mayan sights in the yucatan peninsula in Quintana Roo.

It is a small village with some secluded streches of beach and perfect to relax and enjoy the nature for a good time.

The eye catching sight that all the people can admire is

the wonderful ruins overlooking the sea which is absolutely remarkable.

The day was just perfect, very much sunny and a super blue sky giving a striking colour the the crystal clear water in front of me.

These ruins are perched on a fourteen meters high cliff which the maya civilization inhabited in the 12th century and found its glorious days between the 13th and 15th century.

It is still well preserved and I was told by the local people that this Maya site was known as "Zama" because of the fact that the sun rises in the east.

That day was pretty crowdy, also beacause I set off late and found a lot of bloody tourists lining the entrance of this archaeological site.

Beside that The structure is really impressive.

The principal and most beautiful structures are: El Castillo which is like a tower about eight meters tall called God of Winds Temple, which was perfect to spot anyone coming from the sea.

Then the Temple of the Frescos that was used as an observatory to follow the movements of the sun.

Diving figures decorate the facade of the temple.

There is also a long wall which made of this site a fortified city,about 400 meters long and a few meters wide with a few gates to the north, south and west.

Tulum was a trading port and received from the sea goods like: salt and textile which were the main ones.

Tulum is certainly a fantastic site for the ones who love anciant civilization of the Yucatan Peninsula with its crystal clear water and this magnificent temple facing the sea.

There is really everything that can keep you here for a good time and not to be missed,by all means..

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5th October 2016
El Castillo from the sea

What a fabulous trip you are having Marcos. Fantastic to see you are getting into the diversity of sites and lifestyle Mexico has on offer. Enjoy. How long will you be exploring Mexico by the way?
8th October 2016
El Castillo from the sea

Hi Dave, well who knows how long, on the other hand this is a bit my philosophy of life.I try to travel as long as I can and working too, to sustain myself.I think is the best lifestyle I can afford and never need to get a vacation..
30th October 2016

Beautiful photos
Hi Marcos, I've just come across your posts and look forward to catching up on the rest of your Mexican blogs soon. We were a bit overwhelmed with the crowds at the Tulum Ruins when we were there earlier this year, but your photos brought back a lot of good memories too. Safe travels :)
31st October 2016

Thanks mexico was travel to you too.
31st October 2016

Thanks mexico was travel to you too.

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