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September 7th 2011
Published: September 8th 2011
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I ended with dinner our first night, we are now on our third night, so let me catch you up a bit. Remember, this is a very different vacation for us, so this blog is mainly about food and sum other miscellaneous stuff.

First Full Day

The day started with a breakfast of the best Huevos Rancheros I have ever had. The sauce was a combination mole/black bean and the eggs were cooked perfectly, even after being in the oven for 20 minutes to keep things warm while Jerry woke up.

The stove is propane and even though we are not cooking, until Sunday breakfast, we do use it to keep things warm. I have never cooked or used propane other than a Coleman for camping (yes I have been camping). It is a bit scarry lighting a stove with a match. We actually had to call Miguel, the owner to help us. Later that evening, at dinner, it actually blew up in our face (we were not harmed). So my point here, since you don't have to cook here, don't unless your a pro with propane.

The rain

The main point of this entry is that while the day started out very sunny, by about 1 it was pouring with thunder, lightning the works. It lasted for about 3 hours and literally filled the pool with about 5 inches of water. This is vacationing during raining or huricane season, better rates, but the weather is unpredictable.

By dinner time the rain was gone the skies not clear but you could see the moon. Of course only the lightning keeps me out of the pool or sea.

At Margarita-thirty (actually I made daiquiris, banana) we had our pitcher of cocktails and our tradtional Bocce Ball tournament. We played 2 games, I won both with wide margins.

Dinner was again fantastic. Veracruz fish, Carribean grilled prawns, fried (crispy) plantains, rice, and other sides.

After dinner, as is our tradition after every meal here we walked to the ceynote (large lagoon, but in fact there is much more to them than that, they can be in large caverns and very deep) to feed Coco, the crocidile. He is about 3 feet long and I guess tame. When he sees you approach he swims over expecting to be fed.

Jerry took a late night dip in the sea and then we went to bed, at not at 9:30 we made it all the way to 11:00.


Today, started with coconut french toast and feeding Coco. The entire rest of the day, was laying in the sun, swiming and a little body surfing. I tried to do some work, but just didnt' get it done. Besides the internet connection was a little slow. I did take 2 naps and managed to get a little red.

Not much on tap for tonight. We finally learned how to use the satelite dish so we now have a lot of music and I suppose TV. We are having a light dinner and then what ever. No Bocce ball today, just cocktails.

The weather today has been great, no rain, except very early this morning, lots of sun and very little wind. This is our last night of having the complex to ourselves. On Thursday a wedding party is arriving.


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