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February 8th 2011
Published: February 8th 2011
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If you recall when we had to postpone our trip home due to Lara's illness, hero mom called & found out her travel insurance would cover a portion of our extra few days.

Mom received the forms in the mail & being out of town my niece Meghan agreed to hand deliver them to us. Dad was put in charge of getting "operation" forms to Meg's house . When he didn't find her at home, he simply put the big envelope somewhere on her car & left. When mom called Meg to mention the envelope was in/on her car, she went searching for it. Not long after she looked over & there was her spirited doggy Harley having a grand old time ripping the forms to shreds!! Yep, the dog REALLY ate our homework!

He was a smart enough dog & didn't eat the important part; the "claim number" they'd issued to us so rest assured we can easily submit the forms again! This was just too good not to share...(see pic attached!)

PS stayed tuned, with all your encouraging emails I'm thinking I'll try my hand at an every day blog especially in light of all the foolish stuff that's gone on. You might be sorry you egged me on. Just saying... 😊

"If life was easy, where would all the adventure be"?



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