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February 4th 2011
Published: February 4th 2011
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I had to share this.

On Travel Blog some of THE best photographers in the world share their pictures. And every 10 minutes on the blog, 15 random pictures are put up to be judged (the beauty of these pics makes you want to travel the world right now)
Anyhow, you almost never get your photos even looked at, let along get a high rated photo...

WELL, little Miss Ava in the hammock got a 3 out of 5 rating by a few voters!! I am no photographer but that almost makes me want to learn how photography really works!!! (I swear this kid will make us some money yet!)


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Ava in jail; send Pesos Grandpa! (OK Ava in hammock!)

4th February 2011

The Ultimate Tourist
My name is Jennie and i would just like to inform you that there now is a webpage called http://theultimatetourist.com, where tourists around the world finally can get some use out of all the photos they have, posing by different tourist attractions. Here you can choose from over one hundred attractions and typical touristic activities, upload your photos and collect one tourist point for each photo. Reach different levels and everybody over 80 points will become Ultimate Tourists (Remember you have to be in the photos yourself, to prove you were actually there.. :). So if you want to compete with your photos, or just spread the word, go into theultimatetourist.com Swedes are dominating the top 20-list for the moment. Challenge them!
4th February 2011

The 'bestest ' Photo yet!
...and i know such word 'Bestest' does not exist. Yet it should be added to the English dictionary to describe this photo! The minute I saw it, the minute my artful eye said; "This belongs in a Gallery"! Well done Sal! xo Color and composition get an A+.
4th February 2011

Yes I do know what an artful eye you have Miss Zully!!! I only took 2000 pics; surely 1 or 2 will turn out!! Looking at the pics on the blogs are addictive; and I enjoy voting on them too.

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