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January 29th 2011
Published: January 31st 2011
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Final pic!Final pic!Final pic!

Sombrero picture! Ain't we sweet?!
This is the last picture taken on our final day in Playa. It's one of those cheesy pics that everyone needs to have taken to say you where "there".

UPDATE - Thrown back into routine "feet first"...
-Lara slowly recovered over the weekend & stoically made it to school Mon am for band practice.
-Rory woke Mon with a sore tummy & I found the last Gravol in the pack...all mushed up 😞
-Garage door was stuck due to the cold but after a few tries finally opened (-24C).
-desperate for a coffee I hit Tim Horton's drive through & my van window wouldn't open despite the few good bangs I gave it; I musta looked like I was part of a Houdini escape routine 😉
-Had to pull past the window & squeeze out the door to grab my coffee AND all the Loonies in the coin drawer were gone & I was stuck counting out nickels...

So Susan I hope you're having a fabulous time at your resort in Cancun (a cold reality lies ahead!) BUT don't worry, I'll have a frothy marg ready for you on the weekend!

"No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one".
~Elbert Hubbard

(I'm adding on an after-note of something I forgot to mention before).
A few people questioned why we'd even CONSIDER traveling to Mexico; Mexico really does get an unfair rap. The Foreign Affair travel warnings caution strictly about northern Mexico/US boarder crossings by vehicle & avoiding well-known drug cartel areas that are no where near the Mayan Riviera. There are no travel warnings for the Yucatan Peninsula; crime is about 2,000 KM's away. We feel extremely safe in Playa & would never put our children in harm's way. In fact I would walk the main streets of Playa before I'd go to the Byward Market alone late at night & we've got the Ledbury gangs 5 minutes away from us here. Unless I don't know something & some of you are drug smugglers, then there's nothing to even worry about. Foreign travel requires precautions, common sense & understanding cultural differences. The Yucatan is so rich in history with ancient Mayan ruins, abundant marine & wildlife, family attractions, tropical beaches & the wonderful Mexican/Mayan people. It is one of the top retiree destination spots in the Caribbean. (Frankly some of the recent violence in the US & Canada is pretty frightening; specifically the recent shootings in Arizona). This is one area you can have a real hands-on culture without any worry of safety (many go to Jamaica or Cuba & can't leave the resorts for safety reasons). This is not the case here. Simply put, there's crime everywhere & if we gave in to that, none of us would go out our front door...


31st January 2011

Nice hats
Yes, so sweet. All of you. Did you bring those hats home? How good are they in Ottawa @ - 24 degrees?
1st February 2011

Thanks we did try to look cute! NOPE didn't bring the hats home, but funny enough there was a guy that got on the plane with this HUGE sombrero that sat right behind me and I got whacked a few times with it!!

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