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January 28th 2011
Published: January 28th 2011
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Ava & mom hootin it up!
Well we left Playa kicking and screaming...Well ok it wasn't that dramatic, but it was a somber drive back to the airport 😞 But as they say, "all good things must come to an end, and all bad things last forever" or something like that? If most of my blogs were any indication we had a fantastic trip. Every trip must have its highs and lows, & we provided the lows so you guys sitting at home in the cold could feel really good about it!!!

As for our flight home, we got checked in quickly & before long had mom & Lara in wheelchairs. We got through security really fast & to our gate in record time.

Our flight was great with the stewardesses very concerned about Lara. Looking like a worried tired mom, they generously gave me a glass of wine on the house! The flight was full but the stewardess thoughtfully offered to move mom to another seat across from us so Lara could lie down next to me. It would be perfect as mom would be close by to help me if needed, yet I could assist her off the plane too.

The guy
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Beautiful bike on display
across the aisle & one up from us overheard the stewardess saying the aisle seat next to him was available. It wasn't long before he moved his behind over to the aisle seat thus preventing mom from moving. It was a very insensitive move on his part. I think he could feel my eyeballs glaring holes into the back of his head the rest of the trip. I pray "karma" was watching & one day on a plane he has a sick child who throws up all over him and...& no one offers him up their seat.

He then upped his "jerkness" (a word I've invented!) to a higher level when we were about to get off the plane. Lara was feeling very unwell, and mom was trying to stand with her cane, and this guy sat on the end of his seat blocking the aisle so mom, Lara & myself couldn't get by & meanwhile Ava & Rory were in front of this guy waiting for me to exit with them. He was a real gem I'll tell ya & people around us noticed his rudeness. Patience they say is a virtue, and for the sake of the
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Love this waiter!
kids, I held my tongue (ok dang nearly chewed it off) but I remained quiet. Whoever coined the phrase about "patience being a virtue" clearly never met this guy...

He threw on his backpack nearly hitting mom with it, and scurried quickly off the plane ahead of us. Upon leaving someone yelled "Jerk" which he heard. I wonder who that could've been?? Well guess who we meet up with face to face in the custom's line??? He noticed me giving him the hairy eyeball & glared back but then thought better of it. Word of advice pal; don't ever mess with a mother & her sick child. The saying the "early bird gets the worm", well all his rushing was for naught. This "early bird" didn't even get his luggage". We got our 6 bags before he even got his 2. Being inconsiderate to a sick kid, a mom traveling with 3 children and a senior, what a charm he was. Anyhow enough of him.

Allan, Cindy and dad were waiting for us with open arms, warm coats & there to help with our luggage...such a welcome sight!!! Home to the snow and cold, yet home is always
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Cool motorcycle helmets!!
sweet even after a tropical trip.

Maybe Playa will figure in my life more than just a yearly trip. My travel contact for Playa who rented us Casa Callaway last year, has been so helpful to me & we've been talking about my working with her from Ottawa, blogging on her websites & travel forums & assisting in support areas. Keith Kelley told me a while back he could see me "running for public office", (god forbid!) but his show of support was really appreciated! Anyhow, we did tour Tonya's property, Luna Encantada, & it's EXCEPTIONAL, oceanfront, 3 bedrooms, all marble, just beautiful! She's someone I'd enjoy working with, and further, her properties are a place we'd love to return to annually without all the headaches of searching around. I'll keep y'all updated on this new development.

So as I unpack all our luggage & vacuum up that *%@ sand that I thought was SO beautiful a few days ago, I put on the CD of Samuaj Punchay; the Mexican/Bolivian band we met in Playa. And NO I haven't had that morning margarita yet, c'mon be reasonable, it's only 9:30 am...10 am is the preferred time (wink wink!)
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Beer for under $2 & 2 margs for around $7....my kinda bar!

(PS more than a few times on our trip someone wished we'd win the big 6/49. Well do I have news for you! Guess what I got in the mail this morning? A cheque from Ontario Lotto corp for $10! Better than a poke in the eye I guess!?)

Till next time...Farewell!

Farewell! a word that must be, and hath been -
A sound which makes us linger; - yet - farewell!
~Lord Byron

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Photo 7

Jungle hotel & fountain
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Photo 8

Coolest African chair!
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Photo 9

My next trick; to learn to carve fruit like this!
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Photo 10

Luna from front
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Photo 13

Luna from upstairs
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Photo 14

Kitchen - Luna
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Photo 15

View from terrace
Photo 16Photo 16
Photo 16

Dining table
Photo 17Photo 17
Photo 17

Canopy bed
Photo 18Photo 18
Photo 18

Beautiful bathroom
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Photo 19

2nd canopy bed
Photo 20Photo 20
Photo 20

1st level Terrace
Photo 21Photo 21
Photo 21

2nd level oceanview (with 2 hammocks)
Photo 22Photo 22
Photo 22

Such a view! (no, not Marth!)
Photo 23Photo 23
Photo 23

Infinity pool
Photo 24Photo 24
Photo 24

Beach this close to condo

28th January 2011

It had to end sometime
Well it had to end. Unfortunately poor Lara had to suffer but it did give the group an extra couple of days in paradise. Anyway, all-in-all everyone seemed to have had one wonderful vacation not withstanding the ailments and the few pitfalls. On a bright note, your blogs and the pictures were great. I can remember sending post cards one time and they didn't get to their destination until a week after we got home.
28th January 2011

Next year...
Let's hope we can all go together next time as there's SO much more to do that we didn't get to do. It's an incentive for the girls to keep up their great marks/honor roll!!

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