Weather's here, wish you were beautiful!!!

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January 8th 2013
Published: January 8th 2013
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"Weather's here, wish you were beautiful." Jimmy Buffet

Buenos Dias!!! (Good morning)

We're HERE!!! Oops meant to say weather's beautiful, wish you were here! :D

Well this little band of merrymakers arrived in Cancun on Tuesday morning at 9:45 am (10:45 Ottawa time). Our flight left on time at 6 am. Nothing like getting on a plane when it's dark and arriving to sunshine & heat and Playa alive with music with the sounds of birds in the air.

We had to be up and at 'em in the wee hours of the night to be at the airport a little after 4 am. As I've said before, there's no reason to ever be dragged out of bed at that hour unless you are going on a tropical vacation.

Since most restaurants are closed at the airport at that early hour, I made us all ham, egg & cheese croissants for breakfast and they went over really good. Heck, I'm still waiting for a tip for all my effort, but nothing was forthcoming 😊

Blaine & Greg were especially in great spirits looking forward to the adventure ahead. The girls have so much fun with them and are beyond thrilled they are coming with us to Playa!

We passed the 4 hour flight relaxing, napping, and reading and it’s how I like my flights; uneventful.

There's nothing like landing in Cancun and walking off the plane and being hit by the humidity and the smell of the ocean. Today the lineups were unusually long; did they hear we were showing up and wanted to meet us?

Finally we got through, grabbed our bags & headed through security. Once your baggage has been scanned, you grab it and there's a button to press; if you get green, you go through, if you get red, your bags are quickly checked. Quite often with a family/group, one person will hit the button for the group. AND, I was able to press the button for our entire group, and we got a green. HOWEVER for some reason both Blaine & Greg, and our bags were searched. It musta been that mischevious look on Greg's face?! We did have two oranges (no bringing fruit into Mexico). They questioned all the food we brought which we have to, due to Lara's Celiac disease, and I had printed off a letter in Spanish about her dietary needs and they let me through. Although they sure kept sniffing the gluten free flour I brought in...Trust me it would be worth taking down the customs officer for Lara to run through and have safe food she can eat here.

A few minutes later we were outside, and there was Johnny our driver holding a sign with our name on it. He got all our luggage into his shuttle van, and we hopped in grateful for the rush of a/c for the 45 minute drive to Playa. Johnny is affiliated with Playa Beach Condos & Villas and is always our driver when we get picked up at the airport.

We stopped at MEGA, (the huge grocery store in Playa) as I prefer it over Wal-Mart. We picked up snacks, milk, cerveza (beer), pop, breakfast items, and had to show Blaine & Greg their huge bakery! Zipped through the cash & back in the van for a 3 minute drive to our condo.

The staff welcomed us with big greetings as always, and helped us get our luggage & groceries quickly up to our condo.

As expected, Blaine & Greg were pretty amazed pulling up to the condo and seeing the turquoise ocean with the sun rippling off the water and the white waves breaking at the shore, mere feet from our condo. If this isn't heaven, it's heaven's waiting room! Ray & Pat were already checked in and Ray was waiting on the balcony to greet us.

The first view of the condo complex with the beautiful gardens, flowers, palm trees, infinity pool, and ocean all at your fingertips is a virtual feast for the eyes; even the postcards from here can't quite do it justice. Just driving to our accommodations through Playa is so beautiful with the red fiery flowered trees which I believe are called Royal Poincianna.

Overall I can safely say the accommodations were met with a "WOW"! I think they are pretty happy they joined us.

So now ladies and germs, it's time to sit on a lounger, have a margarita and walk over to our little beachside bar and see our friend Luis and have some lunch! I love their grilled chicken kebobs, jasmine rice and fresh salad for about $5 CDN! I brought Luis an Ottawa key chain of the Parliament Buildings and a T-shirt with Ottawa on it. For Odin the beach server, I brought him a baseball cap with “Ottawa” on it. It was all met with a gracious hug!

Ah, 'tis the life, surrounded by family, with the sun shining warmly upon our faces and the turquoise sea kissing the shore....

"Contamos nuestras bendiciones" (We count our blessings).

Tonight we’ll get gussied up, and will take the crew up onto 5th avenue to show them the sights! That will be FUN!!!

Signing off from an oceanfront lounger,

Gringa Sal (PS see pics further below as usual!)

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8th January 2013

I can't believe you guys were searched, that's so inconvenient! That picture of Ava sleeping on the plane is too cute though. Have a great trip guys, miss you already! (PS I told you I read your blogs, Sal. :) Love you!
8th January 2013

Weather's here
HAHA Kels...we miss you being here, especially when Lara put on a cute top you wore here last summer! Love you too girl! xoxo
8th January 2013

I have been waiting to hear from you. I woke up at 6:14 this A.M and my thoughts were with all of you. That part of the trip is so exciting. Have a great time. Love Mom, XO
8th January 2013

Weather's here
Got here safe & sound and are having a fantabulous time! Love you!
9th January 2013

Was thinking of you guys this morning as I waited outside for the gym to open at 6AM here in Orleans. Seeing your pictures and reading your blog is getting me even more excited for next week in Los Cabos. Have a great time, folks!!!
9th January 2013

Weather's here
Shawn you are one dedicated guy; 6 am? Have a wonderful trip!
9th January 2013

Glad you arrived safely
Have a Marg for me! Martha xoxo
9th January 2013

Weather's here
Thanks for the lift to the airport. Didn't have ONE marg for you, had two!
10th January 2013

ahhh wish we were there, eh? Than why didn\'t you pack us up in your luggage?? I wish I were there as well, but right now we are having awesome temps, so not beach weather. The super marker (grocery store) kinds looks like Loblaws with the big orange signs. Looks like your all having a great time :-)))
10th January 2013

Weather's here
Hola Leah. I heard the weather's warm. Enjoy it. Take a picture of yourself if you end up on your deck in a bathing suit!!!

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