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January 9th 2013
Published: January 9th 2013
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"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."~ A. Lincoln

Well we've made up our minds to be as happy as we can be, based on the good time we had on our first day here. If I had to use one solid word to convey our first day, it would be -- FANTASTICO!

After lunch at Yan Ten's we sat around oceanside for a few hours, laughing, talking, taking in the view, and enjoying some amazing drinks & tasty food! Oh that big first margarita was to die for....ahhhh. 2for1 Corona and margaritas. Some of us had the chicken kebobs with jasmine rice & salad, some had chicken quesadillas, and nachos. It was great, but the best part was being together & finally showing Blaine & Greg Playa in all her glory.

The weather is incredible as always, and we never fail to get good weather here. It was windy yesterday but still warm and when up on 5th it was quite humid. Because it's sub-tropical here, it's always warm, and if rain hits, it generally is a quick downpour and while its raining the sun comes out. Sometimes you don't know if you should make a run for it, or just go jump in the ocean & wait for the sun to make its sunny appearance again.

Being that the weather is always so good, I have to wonder how the locals start a conversation around here if the weather is always so consistent and nice? At home, most of us start a conversation about the weather and with my dad, for sure that's the first topic of the day. Kind of goes like this. "Awfully cold out there", or "gonna be a helluva hot one out there today" or, "looks like we got some snow coming", or one of the all time favorites for those of you that know him; "Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb". (Hahahaha dad!)

Mom & dad have weather trackers (barometers) that track atmospheric pressure and they watch how these blown-glass barometers change and can predict if snow is coming (in my opinion, better than Environment Canada) The one day we got that big storm in December, mom said the water rose to the very top of the barometer, and it almost overflowed. I think we got near 40cm that day. So they are pretty accurate.

I think I have inherited my parents ability to predict weather. So here goes my prediction: "Today in Playa it will be sunny and hot, and tomorrow will be sunny and hot, and well...the next day will be sunny and hot too" 😉 And tonight, the weather forecast predicts that it will be dark. (what a genius I am!)

After a great day yesterday, later we sat on the balcony and finally got ourselves organized to get out for dinner. So up we went to 5th avenue, walking along, hearing and seeing the sights, taking in the art galleries, music, vibe that is so Play del Carmen. Blaine & Greg were pretty amazed at the nightlife on 5th; so much to see. We walked probably 20 blocks or so and finally stopped to have dinner, which I will say wasn't one of our better ones. Scratch that restaurant off our list.

Finished up the night sitting on the balcony and rooftop terrace and listened to the ocean and the music coming from the bar next door. A few people (OK one) who will remain anonymous, fell asleep with a bag of chips on the lounger on the roof. Those that know HIM well, will know who I am talking about. It was a very nice end to a very nice day. We were all pretty tired and before long, one after another hit the hay.

We managed to get up around 6 am to see the sunrise, then went back to bed to catch some more precious zzzzzs. Blaine got onto breakfast duty making bacon & eggs for the group. Al was hoping to take Lara & Greg scuba diving today, but it's too rough.

Otherwise, there's no shortage of things to do here! "Eeeny meeny miney moe" & so forth. Well looks like moe tagged "lying on lounger doing diddly and squat today..." 😊

See more pics below of our day yesterday, last night, this a.m. and pics of our condo I took quickly. The one of Greg posing with Poncho Villa is pretty funny! What an arteeest!!! Off to walk the beach! (yes you have to arrow way down below)

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. ~Robert Orben

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9th January 2013

You sure know how to sell the PLAYA experience !
Hey there Sal - so nice to see more Playa blogs & pics. looks like you & family are having a great time. food looks delicious- can't believe the prices! so what you spend on airfair- you definitely save on meals & drinks it seems. keep on posting... I really enjoy reading about your adventures!
9th January 2013

Weather's here
Thanks Cindy, I hope they are informative. How's the weather in Pennsylvania?? Not so bad here!
11th January 2013

What a beautiful condo!!!!! Do you always get to stay in the same condo or does she move you around? And $3 Chicken quesadilas? OMGoodness they look delish and HUGE!!!!! I so wish I were there with you all... I love how you have the city life right there, your not stuck on a resort.. Love hearing your daily updates with all you guys have done.
11th January 2013

Happy anniversary!
Hey Leah, we do move around here, only 24 condos and all spectacular. We love the rooftop condos for extra space. Thanks for the email!

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