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January 5th 2013
Published: January 5th 2013
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"A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one "Year" and out the other" ~

Happy New Year all! SO how are the New Year’s resolutions coming along?

We're going to have to put our resolutions on hold temporarily as we are heading back to Playa del Carmen (MX) again in a few days, thanks in good part to Playa Beach Condos & Villas, who I can't believe I've been writing travel articles for almost 2 years now! (Tonya thanks for letting me write my "tongue & cheek" travel blogs for your company!)

OK I hear a collective groan; yes another trip to Playa, but hey now, be fair, I did work (er...write for it! 😊 And for those of you not traveling to warm destinations this winter, you may think it cruel to crow about our trip. However, I will tell you what cruel is...Cruel is having to fit into a bathing suit mere days after the holidays are over. Now that is CRUEL!!!

Given that Old Man Winter laced up his boots and unleashed freezing rain, loads of snow, & threw in a cold front for good measure, we are clicking our heels to get the heck out of 'Dodge'. While some people had visions of sugar-plums dancing in your heads at Christmas, the only visions we had dancing in our heads were sunny shores & swaying palm trees!

Usually Mom (Joan) & (auntie) Martha come along on our trips to Playa, but mom & dad took a trip to in the fall to visit my brother Barry & his wife Charlene at their home in Palm Desert, California. Marth is off on a 3 week Caribbean cruise with her parents later in Jan.

However, happy to report Al's parents Ray & Pat will be making the trek from Crossfield (AB), and my cousin Blaine & his son Greg (who've never been to Mexico before) will be coming for the first week. YAY! (I'm not sure poor "Playa" is ready for the influx of our Foran DNA but they will handle it with aplomb!) Oh & Darby, we will miss your presence, but we are going to get you to Playa some day!

We will be staying once again at the fabulous Luna Encantada Condos with its luxury oceanfront accommodations, private rooftop terrace with top-notch beachfront service provided by our friend
Canada DayCanada DayCanada Day

Happy days
Odin and all the other staff we've gottten to know there. (See our side pics of Luna).

We are excited to share everything "Playa" with Blaine & Greg…the ocean, the beaches, the jungle, archaeological sites, water activities, the culture, food, music & friendly welcoming people of Mexico. We'll be taking them to the picturesque beach-side town of Akumal (named one of Trip Advisors most beautiful beaches in 2012) whose name means "place of the turtle", and boasts excellent snorkelling and beautiful sandy beaches with lagoons. We love this peaceful piece of paradise...

Frankly I'm lucky to be even making the trip given the wacky incidents that happened to me over the holidays. (Yes I know, there's always a "story").

Auntie Marth had given Ava a pedicure one evening, so hey, I asked for one too. Pedicure was great, what happened after, not so much. Once the pedicure was done, unbeknownst to me when I went to stand up, somehow a stainless-steel pedicure tool was wrapped in a blanket which anchored itself & somehow stabbed me on my right foot just below my ankle. (I apologize in advance for the gory details). I had no idea what had happened to me, but what I did know was it was excruciating. I also had bigger fish to fry & that was to get my foot elevated quickly. It seems I hit an deep vein/artery and there was more blood than probably in some horror movie! Thankfully Al came into the room while it was happening and applied pressure to stop the bleeding (clearly he forgot about that nice big insurance policy we have ;(

Thankfully on the upside I had just had a tetanus shot this past fall. On the downside - I spent the holidays hobbling around with my foot bandaged up. Talk about a weird incident that you probably couldn't plan to have happen if you tried?!

A few days before that I had been carrying a big box out the door to mail and banged the bejaysus out of my elbow. It's not fractured according to my doctor, but I did chip a bone out of it. It's still awfully sore, and makes me wonder, how on earth will I ever be able to lift one of those humongous margaritas??? Al will have to be my cabana boy and lift it for me 😊

Oh & finally, a few day ago I had a hair appointment and had woke feeling queasy, but it passed. I get to the salon only to have to beeline it to the washroom where I was violently ill. This never happens to me?! I ended up with a small bout of the flu which didn't last all that long. (I did manage to freshen myself up, and in the name of vanity was able to get my hair done). If bad luck comes in threes, I've paid my dues, so take a hike "bad luck". What a sad sack.

Well signing out of my blog for now. Speaking of which, this little old blog started as a way to chronicle our trips for our girls & share our adventures with folks at home. However, it seems to have grown in followers; I am not sure what the attraction is, but I suppose if I'm going to write, I will need some readers! Reality TV is all the rage these days, so maybe my "reality" blog is keeping up with the times! Al's aunt Edna said in her Christmas card, "following your blogs is the next best thing to being there". Well thank you Edna, we have fond memories of you and Ben in Playa in 2008!

Eventually I will convert these blogs into books for the girls when they are grown, which is an added feature of the Travel Blog website. And well, thanks for all your blog comments, & if you wish to share this blog with others, simply copy this link. http://www.travelblog.org/fred.php?id=760716 (and if you're bored, my recent trip to Paris is listed on the right, grouped under Trips titled "Paris Bound". That's if to say, you're looking for something to read! Keep in mind, there is no spell check on these blogs, so just assume I knew what I was supposed to type!

Will send a blog in a few days once we touchdown in Playa. Apparently the weather is looking to be 27C with a humidex of 37C. Shucks, that is going to be SO hard to take 😉

Sal (took a lickin' but keeps on tickin'😉 Arrow down below for a few pics that we've taken of the condo in past visits!

Oh & here's a link to my travel articles to Mexico (peppered with humour) for Playa Beach Condos & Villas (Playa del Carmen, Mexico). http://www.playabeachgetaways.com/blog/28/165

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5th January 2013

Sorry to not be going
I hope you all have a super duper time. I'll keep the home fires burning but certainly wish I was with you. xo Marth
5th January 2013

Sunshine & Ocean
When we get back, you'll be heading off for 3 weeks on a cruise. Who'll be going "nananana" then? :)
6th January 2013

Take Care of My Big Bro!!!
Hey Sally, take good care of my big brother and my nephew...make sure Blaine wears a hat at all times or he will return looking like a lobster!!! Looking forward to reading your blog every day!!!
6th January 2013

Sunshine & Ocean
Hi Shannon! Will do; got to find out what the going rate in Pesos is for babysitters??
8th January 2013

Sounds like you are all set to head to Mexico. Have a blast all, and I will be waiting for your updates with pictures :-) I knew you had hurt yourself over the Holiday's but I did not know it was to that extend. I hope your all healed and ready to rock out on vacation and show your family around. See you all when you come back to Cold Canada :-)
11th January 2013

Thanks for sending your blog. I enjoyed reading it and thank you for the dinner and snacks while I was in Ottawa over the holidays. I hope you have recovered from your pedicure injury. That was pretty scary. Have a great trip. Gladys
11th January 2013

Heading to the sunshine!
Thanks Gladys; you are a pleasure to have at our home!

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