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January 19th 2011
Published: January 20th 2011
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Ohhhh so handsome!
The day was hot, no wait, it was humid, well it was hot and humid, hot, humid & sultry...OK, sorry, that was the first line out of the movie "Throw Momma from the Train" with Billy Crystal as a frustrated writer 😱 (PS click on the pics to enlarge, really you need to do this to see the "mask" pics!)

We woke again Weds. to a beautiful warm breeze off the Caribbean & before long it was quite humid. At 8:30 am we took a stroll on the outskirts of 5th avenue to see the local wares & as we strolled, we passed many beautiful sculptures & artwork that is spread throughou the town.

Afterward, Marth & I went to get another one of those "yabba dabba doo" massages. It was fantastic to say the least. At the end, I looked over all relaxed to ask Marth if she enjoyed it and I saw Pedro, Marth's masseuse who wasn't done with Martha, moving her legs from one side to another, then one final last pull to stretch 'er out. Marth swears she hasn't been pulled like that since the "Winchester taffy pulling contest" 😊

We had a really

Miss Ava poser
nice quiet down-day after the "quarantine" of yesterday, god help us. Nanna, grandma and the girls hit the pool while Martha & I hit the Blue Parrot Bar again on the beach & stretched out on the loungers. After being there a number of times, we were welcomed with open arms (well ok, they know the good tippers' in the crowd). My buddy Armando wasn't there and my margarita just wasn't up to par. So I took Julio another nice guy aside & said I believe Playa has a "corking fee policy: if I bring my wine to the beach what will you charge me (they only have one type of white wine available and it should be banned!) So we negotiated a really fair price for me to bring my squashed grapes to the beach. He brought out a big ice bucket & I tipped him well so we were all smiling today. I ended up having 2 glasses of wine, and then it was time to head back to the ranch...They are the greatest servers there & just can't do enough for you.

Tonight we had burgers that Marth grilled on our roof top terrace & during

Mayan gods...and us!
dinner I suggested we go out for dessert with a little special treat in mind. So everyone got "dooded" up & grandma got to wear one of her new dresses just right for the occasion!

So off we went on an evening stroll & the evening was so warm and humid with a light breeze & live bands playing along the way. Like a beacon jumping out at us, we saw these hilarious masks, and before long Marth was wearing a few of them! The store owner wanted $5 for us taking her picture. I said to the guy, "are you crazy, take a look at her? You should be paying me for the show you're getting for free"!! After a few poses she actually bought one & proceeded to walk down 5th with it on...(amazing what you'll do with 10 cervezas (beer) in you!! Stay tuned for next Halloween as "here comes Martha"!!!

We went to Yaxche one of the Mayan Riviera's best restaurants that I've been reading about which is written up in many travel & food magazines. We were lucky to get a table, but it was inside without the view of 5th Ave 😞

BBQ queen...
Before long we ordered flambeed crepes done table-side. The chef brought out his table with all sorts of interesting small bottles. He lit the flame over the pan, and added sugar, then butter, then strawberries & bananas, crepes, then Mezcal (Mezcal is very much like Tequila but is exclusive to another region). Once the Mezcal hit the pan, wow, the flambe really lit! Then he added Bailey's, rich cream and topped it all off with cinnamon ice cream! Wow, it was truly amazing, everything from the preparation, the show and the final product.

A fabulous end to "another grand day altogether" as Dominic would say... Kids are asleep and Pat and I, the "down for the count" gals last night have greatly improved & are the last to go to bed!

I will end with the quote on the Yaxche restaurant's menu: it was very meaningful to me since Bill's death & I pray it's true...

"The soul is endless therefore life has no end, so the good souls will rest under the shadow of the sacred tree Yaxche where food and peace reign thereafter"...

Love to all,
(PS thanks for sending me comments! It's

Grandma chefs!
nice to know I haven't bored you too much?!)

Additional photos below
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All "dooded" up!

Senor Frogs!


PS that's her real hair (Ok it's not but some of you will get the joke!)

Martha man...oops spider man

Marth curled her hair today!!!

A little heavy on the makeup Marth...

Beautiful teardrop lights at the restaurant

5 beers for about $7 CDN...I see a Foran reunion in my crystal ball!

If the menu doesn't say it all, they have food displays?!

Family lovin' crepers!

Getting ready to flambe!

Work in progress

Finished crepes!

Nanna & girls nightie night!

Ava down for the count...(ps that's not upside down!)

20th January 2011

OMG - The Crepes'!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!! Oh, and the rest of you looked nice too ... :-) xoxoxo
20th January 2011

another grand day altogether
Great to see you and Pat up and around. I hope you two are back to your normal selves. Are you guys going to make it to Tulum? Looks like the three girls are at full speed until they hit full stop.

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