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January 20th 2011
Published: January 21st 2011
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Fresh fruit cups at a street cart.
"Everything is funny as long as it's happening to everyone else" ~ W. Rogers

Well I guess I won't tell you how beautiful and hot today started out. It seems to be a pattern here 😊

Marth & I finally got to tour outside of the main town. Wow, deals, deals deals. AND we came across a woman with a fresh fruit cart selling peeled clementines & fresh fruit cups so we stopped and got some. She adds fresh cinnamon to them if you'd like that and I have to say, wow, what a fresh zingy taste all for $1.50.

We bought some sandals for the girls; about $3.50 & they loved them. I bought mom a really nice summer dress which fit her perfectly. On our way back we wandered past Le Tarraya, a bar/restaurant owned by locals who are also working fisherman, and they bring in fresh fish every day. We sat down & had what they coined as the "best" margarita on the beach, and so far the cheapest at $5.50 CDN. I swear it's good I was born with two hands because this huge glass required it! Angelo claims he only used THE best

Fruit lady with freshly peeled oranges or oranges with cinnamon! (she wears a mask & gloves!)
Tequila, real limes and it wasn't annoyingly sweet that you can sometimes get at home.

After chatting with him for a bit, he told us that they have boat tours that would in particular take our family out to a beautiful part of the reef that kids can navigate. The Mayan Rivierea has the 2nd biggest coral reef in the northern hemisphere!. Anyhow, they take you to part of the reef even Ava can stand on; and is absolutely amazing for snorkeling. He says the water is so blue and clear that you can see every type of sea life, turtles, etc and the water is unusually calm! Angelo was a wealth of information and we so enjoyed talking to him. He brought over one of the tour operators and we had a chat with him, he gave us rates, but I didn't want to commit because within a short amount of time Rory complained of having a really bad earache and she was not feeling good. They directed us to a doctor up on 10th aven. Nanna came with me and within 2 blocks we got to a small medical clinic.

Upon arrival, the nurse called the

Rory with her antibiotics
doctor, Dr. Garcia on the phone & we were told he'd arrive in 30 minutes. Within 10 minutes he walked in, (after handing his nurse his motorcycle helmet). He did a check of Rory (with me hanging off his shoulder). He spoke English and from his credentials & letters indicated he is very highly regarded. He said both of Rory's ears were inflamed but the right more than the left. He checked her throat and it too was red. She was running a low temperature (although who'd know after coming in from the great hot outdoors?)

He typed up a prescription for antibiotics & ear drops. Poor Rory, our little fish is out of the water till Sunday. We were one block to the pharmacy and about $18 CDN we had both prescriptions filled. We walked back to Le Tarraya, where we had left the rest of the family, and it was really nice as the staff too were eager to hear what was wrong with Rory. Marth, Ava, Lara & Pat had ordered fahitas, nachos & strawberry daiquiris, and the staff even brought us bottled water so I could mix up Rory's antibiotics. Where have you been before

Finally drinks & music!
at a restaurant that the staff does that? Ahh...finally time to sit, order a drink & enjoy the surf and sun right? RIGHT??? NOOOOOOO...the girls had gone into the ocean, (not Rory) and Lara comes back in pain. She had been bitten between her toes by a jellyfish! That's painful, so I told everyone the best remedy is urine...Marth refused to do the job (😉, so luckily they called over a paramedic/lifeguard who showed up quickly on an ATV and cleaned it up and then even the staff ran over with water and vinegar. They were so helpful to us! Seeing me ("mom") a little ragged after the day so far, brought me a glass of Chardonnay and said it was on the house! Once Lara felt better, and Rory was calmly sipping her juice, we then finally enjoyed our lunch of freshly caught snapper with a wine, cilantro, onion/tomato sauce, rice and salad for about $8 CDN. I swear after the ups and downs of the last few days, if a shark had jumped up on the table we might not have been too rattled! It's all good!! Anyhow, our great snorkeling adventure is tentatively set to go at

La Tarraya; great fish beach club.
9 am tomorrow bright and early depending on how Rory feels. I am hoping to have pics to show all!!

After our afternoon we decided to take a walk to Mega for a grocery run for chicken on the BBQ tonight. I expect it's a movie, hot tub, and brief swim in the pool type of night (with a few drinks in between...!)

PS fun's not over, nanna's bedroom door accidentally locked & we were told by the front office to use any key to jiggle it open. Well that didn't work & the superintendant has come up to find we aren't really dummies, it doesn't work. Now the knob has been removed & a new one to shortly be installed! Then we went to watch a movie and this beautiful big flat screen TV is only showing blue but won't give us a signal? Superintendant came back, and told us the TV is on the blink. What in the name of holy hell is going on around here?

Ear infections, throat infections, jelly fish, bites, wanky door knobs, wacky TV's...ahhhhhh livin' the great life in Playa!!

Love Sal & troops

“The Sea, once it

Soft sandy beach
casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
--Jacques Cousteau

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Finally drinks!

Fresh snapper in a wine sauce

Music while we dine!

Nanna & her new sun dress!

BBQ whole chicken, potatoes, rice, salsa, guac all for $10 CDN takeout!

Sandal store; $7 a pair!

Fresh lobster & wine at a local wine bar!

21st January 2011

Food, drink, sun, sand and ailments
So sorry to see Rory suffering with an earache. Then Lara, how does a jelly fish get between your toes? Get better soon girls. Please note that it is not necessary for anyone else to fall victim to another ailment. The sun and sand look great. These pictures show mostly uncrowded public areas. Just right for a nice, restful and peaceful vacation.
21st January 2011

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