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January 31st 2013
Published: January 31st 2013
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We came to Cozumel on a recommendation from our neighbours, Gerry and Betty who were also kind enough to hook us up with our accomodations here at the Villas Mayaluum. Their daughter Jodie, her husband Elton and their six kids, affectionately nicknamed as The Six Pack, are also here this year at the same time as us for one month. I couldn't imagine even having six kids, let alone travelling to Mexico with them. Three girls - Kensley 1 1/2, Emmalyn 4, Julaine 10, and three boys, Lucas 7, Ben 8 and Cole 12.

The funniest thing was watching all of them pile into their tiny little compact rental car. They put Lucas in the front with them, then the other five kids in the back. The two little girls sat on the laps of their sister and brothers. Here in Cozumel, it's common to see tons of kids jammed into cars, babies hanging off the side of a scooter or people riding in the back of open pick up trucks. There's way less rules here about what you can do in your vehicles.

The kids told me they love Cozumel, I think it was Lucas who said he wants to live here but has to go home first to get his dogs. They did loads of activities, horseback riding, the sea lion show and swimming topped their list of favorites. They got bracelets with their names embroidered on them (that helps us remember who's who) and some cool toys like little helicopters that light up. These kids are really well behaved, the older ones really do a good job of watching the little ones. I think its great to expose kids to a different way of life although I'm sure this trip cost them a small fortune.

As for us, it was Johnny's last day here so he and Ian went scuba diving together and had an awesome time while I hung around with our neighbours at the pool. We have met some wonderful people here who we will miss when we go home in a couple of days.

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17th March 2014

6 pack and Cozumel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi,just got back from Cozumel!Dec.16th to March 15th.It was one of the warmest winters on record in Cozumel.The sea was at least 5 degrees warmer than last year.Saw all the people from last year.Except you know who,lmao.Looks like you had a great time o the West coast.S.O.

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