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May 15th 2015
Published: May 15th 2015
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Billboard in Mexico City airport. You don't all your dientes to be happy.
Well then. I have been snapchatting up a storm. Snapchatting is my substitute for interaction now haha. Not really, I've actually met some cool people at the hostel already. Most people you meet traveling are nice, which is good because the infantile stage of a big transition like this makes me sensitive and a bit weird. I find it hard to be confident while traveling sometimes. I feel very confident at home in my element, but going out and seeing many different kinds of people is very thrilling and a bit unsettling at times lol. Like I said, this is the beginning and hardest part. Uprooting and then putting yourself majorly out there is challenging. Especially because Orcas is so different and special. The character traits and behaviors that come as lovely, endearing child-like magical wonder, open-hearted/minded, or humble to co-islanders, seem to maybe be interpreted as immature and naive to other people. This has been a perception of mine so I'm not sure but I find myself feeling self-conscious while trying to figure out other customs or asking questions that seemed obvious. Oh well. A week or 2 more and I'll be back in my travelers skin, which is honestly

The Zocalo, or centro
one of my favorites. Sweaty, but still a pretty good one.
I got to the hostel around 7:30 or 8 local time (we're 2 hours ahead here) and it's pretty comfortable. The rooftop is a really nice place to chill. The main communal area is all open and airy which is good cause it's in the mid80s to lower 90s here. I've already had a few cases of either my being too shy inconveniencing someone or rusty Spanish making things awkward. On the intercom on the plane yesterday, I heard the pilot say "enjoy your grandma"
When really he said "enjoy your flight". Grandma-abuela or abuelita
Flight -vuelo or vuelto.
The entertainment is endless. I walked around until it was too hot for this gringa and now I'm just chilling in the hostel. Looking up addresses for yoga classes and AA groups.
Later I shall set out to buy a pinneapple. And that is the cap of my ambitions today. Wishing I was Squishin.
Love to all,

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