Counting Down

Published: May 13th 2015
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The ladies coming out of the peephole
Oh my goodness. Today is my last day on the island. It feels kind of bizarre. I was very excited for a few weeks, the excitement has subdued now though. I feel like I'm in a sort of limbo. It's sunny. I'm trying to get as many cuddles out of Tyrone as I can. Saying goodbye, getting all the hugs.

I leave tomorrow on the 12:25 with Mom and Heidi for Seattle. Then fly out at 6am on Thursday. It's supposed to 86 degrees in Oaxaca on Thursday.

Ian and I hung out in the orchard for a little while today. Its feels very rewarding to talk to chard plants, especially when they have earned mighty praise for growing so large so fast! I sat with the bees (also known as 'the ladies'). Its kind of poetic and ironic how the audible rhythmic buzzing of the bees calmed the convoluted buzzing in my head. I've found it difficult to concentrate or stay present at times in the past couple weeks. My head has been preparing to leave for some time and its made it challenging to stay on task with the big load of stuff needed to be done

The on-ramp
before leaving. The ladies helped relax me and bring me to full appreciation of the present. It felt really good and I didn't want to leave the tall and fruit trees. Goodbye chard, goodbye ladies. I can tell already you'll have a good summer. Maybe enough happy bees and healthy vegetables can help mom and dad get past the heartache my absence has left them lol, probably.

Oh my gosh, oh my goodness. Here we go.

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Gonna miss these Tyrone snuggles the most

13th May 2015

I'm very happy to know that your travel starts now! Take the best of the world, give the best of you. Luck & light.
13th May 2015

Happy Travels!
Your Uncle Jim and Auntie Rosy wish you a marvelous - and safe - adventure.
15th May 2015

Part of my heart is ripped out knowing I won't see you for so long. But I'm excited for your thirst to learn and experience

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