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May 21st 2015
Published: May 21st 2015
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Hola! It's another hot one in Oaxaca. I start working in reception today. It's pretty low key and most of the guest speak English over Spanish so it shouldn't be too challenging.
I'm getting coffee with a nice woman who was at the English speaking AA group that's just a few blocks away. She and everyone else there were very friendly and welcoming. It was actually an emotionally sensational experience for me that was unexpected. I didn't realize how connected it would make me feel to the community and to my group back home. As soon as we started saying the serenity prayer, I almost cried. Feeling so strongly connected to home when you are so far away, is a powerfully joyous feeling. Also, today I have 4 months totally sober! I'm very happy and proud of myself.
I've been going to a yoga studio also. It's about 10 blocks away. An old (but very flexible and strong) lady teaches it. She is very kind and relaxed with a very zen energy about her. The classes are really fun and even though tons of walking is the norm while traveling, it feels great to be using my body. The other night, we spent the first 10 minutes dancing like children and making weird noises. It was awesome.
I haven't done much sight-seeing besides exploring. On Saturday I went to Monte Alban (ruins near the city) with a few guys from Chiapas staying at the hostel. They were very kind and talkative. They had s car too so it was much more relaxed and cheaper than going on the bus tour.
A good friend I've made in the hostel, a girl from Sweden named Ida, leaves tonight. So last night we got a cake and had a little shindig for her. It was really sweet. There was a girl staying at the hostel who I hadn't really talked to who's birthday was yesterday, so we waited to bring the cake out till after she went out so it wouldn't be awkward or something lol.
I'm doing very well overall! Oaxaca is a great city! I'm really enjoying the company of the friends here at the hostel. I've been decompressing a lot too which has been really nice. I'm missing Tyrone like crazy. If you have snapchat or whatsapp, add me if you'd like to send me photos of booboo when you see him.
Love to all muchachos💙

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Snapchat from HeidiSnapchat from Heidi
Snapchat from Heidi

I miss him so much!

Ready to eat and celebrate Ida

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