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May 2nd 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Oaxaca - Veracruz

Bon C'est +/- juste

Hello Darlings,

Enfin de retour sur le Blog.
D'accords, j'ai plus beaucoup mis d'infos sur le Blog ces derniers temps. Mais c'est bon signe: cela veut dire que je m'amuse bien, que je voyage beaucoup et que je me repose...
Mais bon voilà, j'ai denouveau un peu de temps à consacrer au Blog et je suis dans 'Cybercafe' super sympa à ma nouvelle destination. Plus d'info plus tard la dessus, mais en attendent voici les infos et photos de Oaxaca et Veracruz.

So after Palenque I took a 14 H bus drive to Oaxaca.

There I met up with Nadja from Germany. I had met her already in Merida and we got on very well.

First I did a bit of practical things in Oaxaca:

1) A much needed washing of clothes!!

2) A visit to the local post office for the ooooh so important postcard to the grand mother.

3) And last but not least: a visit to a beauty salon school!!!

Yes, well as some of you know, when I go to hot countries, I often get problems with blisters/infection on my feet. And so here I got it again, though not too bad. But I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. When I asked around, I was told there is a "beauty salon" school nearby and it's free. So there we went. While waiting for the pedicure I had a manicure done, and while my feet were soaking in soapy water, I got my hair shaved (on my head, not my legs!!!!) Nadja had a manicure and got her hair washed, but she didn't know that after the wash she was going to be transformed into Heidi with very nice "krollen"!!!!

It was very appropriate she got transformed into Heidi because near Oaxaca we went to the Sierra Norte. A place in the mountains (3200m) that looks really like the Alps, including the wooden Swiss chalet with open fire!!! There we ate a strange local dish: Honey with mushrooms…(actually I brought them back from Palenque)
Talking about strange local dishes, Oaxaca is definitely strange:
Flowers from zucchinis (Fleur de courgette)
Chapulines (grilled crickets with chilli)
Grinded worms with chilli to take with Tequila or Mezcal
And Mole, a spicy sauce with chocolate, mostly eaten with chicken, but I found a vegetarian Mole, not too bad but not for every day.
Oaxaca is also THE chocolate city of Mexico. But, sorry, dear Mexicans, Belgian chocolate IS better!!!!

Near Oaxaca there are yet again pyramids and ruins: Monte Alban.

After Oaxaca, Nadja ABSOLUTELY wanted to go to Veracruz, as it supposed to be the Mexican Cuba. I decided to give it a chance.

But Veracruz was very disappointing: UGLY, DIRTY, SMELLY beaches. A big port, and not so many nice buildings. And as it was kinda low season, when we were sitting on the Zocalo drinking a few Tequilas, we got harassed by souvenirs vendors every 2 min and there were about 5 "mariachis" bands playing at the same time at different tables nearby!!!

OK, I have to say it was Monday and Veracruz is also known for it's night life. And so I think a bit later in the week, it would have been much nicer. As I found out already before, Mexican cities are dead on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights! But then as the Week End kicks in, so do the Parties!!

Anyway we decided to look for something nicer and went to Chachalacas. A sea resort with HUGE dunes. That was already nicer but not super TOP, especially as on the 2nd day there was so much wind we couldn't sit on the beach. But anyway it was nicer than the Veracruz beaches!!!!

Then Nadja left, back to Mexico City and then home. And I went to Zipolite…

Oh yes I also got a little accident in Veracruz. I stood up on the bed to open a window in our hotel room, but I had forgotten the fan was on…

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Sierra NorteSierra Norte
Sierra Norte

Le Chalet
Sierra NorteSierra Norte
Sierra Norte

Une Fleur
Sierra NorteSierra Norte
Sierra Norte

Une drole de poupée!!!

Flowers and cheese Tortilla

2nd May 2007

Te mato!!!!
Frederico, una foto de mis "krollen" en el BLOG!!! Voy a matarte de verdad!!! ;-)))
2nd May 2007

After the accident, where is your head now? Dans la valise d'Heidi? A propos, où es le grand father et le dog? Blague à part, tu vis vraiment "love boat" in Mexico:)))Kisses mon chou.
4th May 2007

on the road
He Frederik ! Ben in minder exotische oorden dan jij maar het Bretoense 'wild-life' kan verdorie ook tellen zenne :) Ik geniet alvast van je foto's en avonturen. Groetjes, Kristel

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