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May 3rd 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Hi Guys and Girls,

It has been way too easy for you all lately:
You receive texts, maps, photo's, all kind of info. You don't even have to think just click away.

Well, things are changing.

You'll have to WORK now. Search with google, google earth, wikipedia, wathever...

But now comes a QUIZ. Een Kwis. Un concours!!!!!

I left Mexico City, but where am I NOW???
Je ne suis plus a Mexico City, mais dans quelle ville est-ce que je me trouve maintenant.

Voor het ogenblik, geen tips, no tips...juste quelques photos...

Bonne Chance


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3rd May 2007

It has been sooo easy and fun to virtualy travel with you...soooo my 2 guesses are CANCUN or Brussels....What do we win????Asta...
3rd May 2007

j'ai trouvé
BENIDORM !!! chuis le premier... je gagne quoi ???
3rd May 2007

P'tit mu
Bon, moi je connais le marisol à l'Ile de la réunion, à part cela merci pour tes indices, ça ou rien ... il manque les néons roses et bleus à la vitrine !!! biz, on espère que tu vas bien ! mu et pat

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