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October 10th 2005
Published: October 20th 2005
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ooh lookie lookie.... let's touch
Stayed home again... not that it’s a bad thing 😊 on the Friday, had the healthiest most amazing meal of me Mexican life. I didn’t spend any money on eating out this week so I decided to treat myself 😊 That night (a little bit of fault on my behalf) i dragged my friends around to a few fiestas of my other friends... about 5 of them. Little did we know... but the time we got to them (for un-foreseen circumstances) they had ended, so venturing out and around we eventually got to an after party, and home before you knew it 😉


After about 5 hours sleep max, i just HAD to get up before noon (just one of ‘those’ people). Anyway after a bit of spring-cleaning from the night before, and a wholesome breakfast omelette… and a second breakfast at my aimgas’, it was time to head for a ice coffee at ‘quichao’, it’s like a funky version of, actually we don’t have it in New Zealand, like it serves mexican food, mars bar cakes (& others), great coffee (iced or not), superb ice cream and you getting to enjoy this whilst either watching a
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why not wrap it around your neck instead?
movie, the game (when it’s on) or whilst playing cards, jenga, etc, etc. ANYWAYs after four hours of pottering around, coralina rescued me and we went to a mall…. Big one, flash one, felt like you were in NZ all of a sudden, was trying to look for a hiking bag and a bag… mine’s gone to poo. ANYWAYs, does anyone know how much a hiking bag is approximately (dear bridget) ??? OOH! And we ate chinese food there too ☺ for the first time in months! Twas ok, the girl serving us was more interesting, she was from china and could only speak Spanish and Mandarin, so that didn’t work in my favour when trying to communicate with her. ANYWAYs we headed out to a ranch that night (ranch is like a house outta of town where people go to ‘relax’ and maybe to party with a pool ☺ then we changed parties to this mansion (‘giving’ out free Nike golf balls), that was lame-o, so we headed to a couple of others and ended up at a mexican’s friends place, with the cute puppy!!! ☺ then sleep time, jade had to get up at 7 the next morning.
start off at the flatstart off at the flatstart off at the flat

(l-r) emily, diego, caro, meeeeeee

AND…. She did! But just didn’t stay awake, lol so my Mexican friend, Anna-Lucia woke me up and I got ready in 10 mins (as you do) and we headed on a Mexican safari, There’s not a lot you can say here, the photo’s speak for themselves (with the captions), so overall, MX$139($15) bought us a 3 hour bus ride return, entrance to the safari, nature theme park, free rides all round, and a free meal (the best part).

Well, scrumdidilliumcious people… after three weeks of no blog, here’s a couple of them at a time for the past couple of weeks 😉 just for you 😉

Loving you
Loving me
(kha-de) ☺xo - as they would say in spanish

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ranch partyranch party
ranch party

(l-r) fun mexicans i was with, very hospitable
ranch partyranch party
ranch party

birthday girl
ranch partyranch party
ranch party

my international buddies anya de germany piroshka de hungary
after partyafter party
after party

the best one...
fishies in the water, fishies in the seasfishies in the water, fishies in the seas
fishies in the water, fishies in the seas

we all jump up... ok that's enough
flying foxflying fox
flying fox

they don't call them that here
wow is that a cactus?wow is that a cactus?
wow is that a cactus?

a typical looking one that is

21st October 2005

zoo animals
yello! aww i like da zoo animals... its so fun! what'd you think of when you saw the ostriches? huh? huh? lol!!!
23rd October 2005

Aww the snake! lol I spose snakes are all good so long as you know you can come back to a country of which you're a citizen with *no fekkin* snakes... Um oh yea btw - those carp - they're a pest here, they were in the news b4. K well now I'm gonna read and comment on your next entry cos I haven't been here for a while, k? Sweet. See u!
25th November 2005

Lotsa friends!
Gud 2 c ur making friends wid da monkeys gurl! lol :-) R they tryn 2 tell us something?? (Yes I can tell theyr not real 2!)

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