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North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey October 24th 2018

After a disturbed night - Ian is not feeling well and has been coughing all night - we finally get to sleep and don’t wake until around 9am. We are surrounded with grey mist and it is raining! We wrap up in waterproofs and return to the park as we have decided on an indoor activity for this morning - a visit to Horno 3, a steel museum. On the way we take a short detour to see an area of the park that we missed yesterday. A heavily pregnant bride is having her photos taken in the rain - I am dreadfully worried that she will slip down the muddy bank and spark a miscarriage - it really does not look safe. We reach said area and find that we haven’t missed much! It’s probably ... read more
Climate Change
Neptune Fountain - Macroplaza
End of the day at Fundidora

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey October 23rd 2018

I am pleased to report a good nights sleep - I know that I have been snoring loudly as I have woken myself up several times! Unlike an airline, the overhead lights here are controlled by the driver, so he decides when we should sleep and when we should wake! The first six hours are passed in complete darkness, the lights being switched off practically as soon as we stepped onboard! Our first stop is at Gomez Palacio on the outskirts of Torreón, with a second stop in the town centre bus station five minutes later. Both stops are signalled by loud announcements over the tannoy and part lights in the cabin. It’s 6.30am and we have gained an hour, having passed out of the mountain time zone back into central. Now we have a 20 ... read more
Fundidora Park
Fundidora Park
Fundidora Park

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey April 24th 2017

Well, what a wonderful invention these Cuota (Toll) roads are. Because we are charged as a bus they are possibly the most expensive roads ever, but still worth every peso, as they provide a trouble free journey, and the scenery still amazing. We were heading towards Teotihuacán to visit the pyramids. This involved having to drive around Mexico City. Fortunately for us, since we were last here they have built the Arco Norte (think Mexican M25). Unfortunately it was not on our map! Thankfully the GPS had it, so all went well and the journey was generally uneventful. We visited Teotihuacán when we were here last time, at about the same time of year, but the site is so impressive and interesting, we thought a second look was well worthwhile. Last time it coincided with the ... read more
Las Pozas Sculptures
Mina's RV park

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey February 4th 2017

Monterrey is a fantastic transition for English-speakers to become accustomed to Mexico/Spanish. I began with three nights in a hostel, El Cafe Organico Amatle. Definitely come here if you're in Monterrey. It's $10 a night, clean and the staff are helpful beautiful people. I met fellow travelers from Israel, Canada and Australia. Had a spontaneous trip to a site overlooking the city, Pico Norte, with Carlos. He's Latin-Canadian, really helps to have a Spanish-speaking person with you. Amazing views of the city. Julio, my couch surfing host is very fluent in English (more so then some US natives I know). He's very helpful and has shown me parts of the city to visit, as well as helping me with my Spanish. "Chicharron" is my new favorite Spanish word. It sounds cool and means the best food ... read more
more art

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey August 15th 2011

Already two weeks have passed since I arrived Mexico. Steping into Mexico means a new life; meeting new people, improving my Spanish skills, dealing with a different culture, leaving my loved ones and starting something new and exciting. I am not in for this adventure on my own, Monica, my classmate from Switzerland is joining me. What is the best way to start an exchange? Naturally with a party. :) Therefore, Monica & I went to the Welcome Party of I-Link at the beautiful Hotel Habita. In one evening, I met almost all the exchange students (around 80) and some Mexican students. They already introduced me to the Mexican culture - invite people spontaneous to join you at a party or for Tacos. Monica, Lari (exchange student, stayed at the same hostel) & me went for ... read more
White Pool Party

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey November 17th 2009

So, I've got about a month left now. I'm currently in Monterocco Hostel in Monterrey, spending an afternoon typing infront of a screen in the dark, as I've spent the last few days walking through the parks and city streets of this place, and I'm knackered. Monterrey is definitely one of the better places I've stayed in recently. I remember in Mexico City some yank questioning me with a perplexed look on his face as to why I wanted to travel north. I replied that I wanted to see all of Mexico, but with hinesight I can see what he meant. There are some awesome mountains and canyons in the north, which I'll get to, but everything else just seems to be industry. The fact that more people have died since 2008 in drug related violence ... read more
Barranca del Cobre
The River

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey April 12th 2009

Alright so as stated before it's been a while since updating last, and this is part two of this update frenzy. I congratulate you for making it this far, but there's still more to come. Now I haven't been traveling too much up to this point but I have done a bit of journeying around Monterrey and Hanging out with friends, Mexican and Exchange, and of course studying. That's why I came here in the first place right? Wrong I came here for a different cultural experience, it just so happens that in order for me to do that and to finance it and make it worth the school's, and my parent's, time money I have to study and take classes. But it's not too bad. Let's take a look at what I do in Monterrey ... read more
Bebe and I
Cacao 1
Cacao 6

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey February 8th 2009

This is an old article, originally published here: This is the story of how stupid and yet how lucky and propitious can a person get. If I'm here writing this story, it is due to sheer luck I had accumulated. I'm not sure whom should I be thanking but I presume that everyone one of you have mattered for me to be alive and share this story, accept my wholehearted thanks. Among many lessons I learnt after this incident, the most important one, trust me, Nothing Is Larger Than Life. The Trek After cancelling the hike to the magnficient Cerro de la Silla at the last moment, Keno and myself decided that we should go elsewhere. I was very much lured by Pico Cuauhtémoc in Cerro de las Mitras for the challenge and adventure it ... read more

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey January 30th 2009

Alright everybody this is going to be my first real blog where i'll tell everything. Until now i kinda just said a few things hear and there. So, now is the full tour so far. Monterrey, Mexico, the climate: Monterrey's climate is almost perfect. During the day the temperature had gotten into the mid to high eighties with just a little bit of cloud cover. This type of weather is phenomenal, However the students on campus still wear jackets and what not. But, there's the downside of this almost perfect weather. The yesterday the high was 64°F and the low got down to 46°F. I realize that for those of you back home you still don't sympathize with me because i believe you still have snow, according to you guys had a High of 45°F ... read more
Monterrey 1
Fundidora 2
Lucha 4

North America » Mexico » Nuevo Leon » Monterrey January 22nd 2009

So, i have a different site for pictures but i might put some of my excursion pictures directly on here. if you want to see all of the pictures i take you can go to picasaweb and there i will have albums of everything.... read more

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