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North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro February 14th 2017

Due to recent current world (well, for that read USA) events of Jan 20th we suddenly we had an overwhelming desire to fly our flag whilst in Mexico There was only small issue with that, we didn’t have one and didn’t know where to get one. No problem, as a child of the Blue Peter era I know there is nothing you can’t make if you have a piece of cardboard and some sticky back plastic, oh, and a modern day invention of a printer (and yes, I did ask a responsible adult if I could use the scissors) Later that day, whilst we were sitting in the camp site coffee shop we watched several European campers pull in. All were adorned with their national flag and, in large writing the name of their country written ... read more
Waiting for the Ferry.
Truck reversing onto Ferry
A different View of ramp ......

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro January 13th 2017

Just a short journey from our spot in Cuatzeo to Patzcuaro. Three tolls 20 pesos, 123 pesos and 106 pesos. Excellent roads until the 3rd toll when we exited to Mex 120, then way to many topes. Arrived at Rancho del Casa RV Park. Spent the afternoon at the Market place got all our shopping for the week.Today we are off to the next towns and a tour of the lake. Went to Santa Clara Del Cobra the amazing copper producing town. Heading Early this morning to Mexico City out Skirts... read more
A tight fit
See how tiny the streets
Chewie the captain

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro November 16th 2016

We hadden twee plannen voor Michoacan, de staat waar ik nu in ben aangekomen. Het eerste plan was het vlinder reservaat en het tweede was San Juan Viejo, een kerk die bedolven is onder de lava wat het een soort Mexicaans Pompeii maakt. Die twee dingen liggen alletwee ongeveer twee uur met de bus bij Morelia vandaan, alleen ligt de ene naar het oosten en de andere naar het westen. Toen we eten gingen halen deden we dat met iemand uit Ierland en die wilde ook naar de vulkaan dus was het snel beslist wat we eerst gingen doen. Dus zijn we de volgende dag naar het busstation gegaan en namen we de bus. We hadden van de eigenaar van het hostel een stappenplan gekregen met drie bussen die we moesten nemen dus daar begonnen we ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro October 1st 2016

Michoacan is really appealing with its numerous fantastic places and the island is one of these. I reached this island by boat which is the only mean to the island of Janitzio. When I was on my way to this place, the boat was approached by some fine fishermen. I then asked to a local what kind of fish they were catching and he explained to me that these are very popular fishermen of the Patzcuaro lake and called the butterfly fishermen because the net they use to catch the fish is butterfly-shaped net and they use skillful technique to catch the "pescado blanco" which means white fish. The local person also told me that the fisherman is located to the back of the 50 pesos Mexican banknote which was a surprise to me. I could ... read more
Old sailor
Panoramic view

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro September 27th 2016

This part of Mexico does not see many touris, especially around the active volcano Paricutin. I reached this fantastic "pueblito" called San Juan from Uruapan which is a nearby city in the Michoacan state. I arrived in the morning time and curiously not many campesinos were around considering the bustling little towns of certain areas here in Mexico and I expected to see more action. Once got off the bus I started to search for a local guide to accompany me to climb the volcano. After a bit of walk passing through a line of colonial buildings I spotted a local paerson and asked courtiously if he knew where I could find a local guide out here. Luckily I was not far away from there and he pointed me the way to follow to get to ... read more
Stunning vista

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro February 24th 2015

February 18th travelled to Patzcuaro Elevation 7130 Population 51000. Feb 17th went to a copper manufacture in San Carlos and to Tzintzentzan to a small community of wood furniture and pottery. February 18th to the Island of Janitzio. Went by ferry the day after Martigra by small boat in shallow waters no more than 9 meters. The name of the Island means (When it rains) The people are all Indians living very simple and speaking their own language. Most of the homes have no indoor plumbing, no internet or phone a population of 1910, 296 homes with less than half the children attending school for not more than 6 years.... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro February 28th 2012

Ten years ago Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism embarked on a program to designate certain towns around the country as “Pueblos Magicos”. So far, fifty towns have been awarded the title due either to their natural beauty, cultural riches or historical relevance. Patzcuaro was the seventh town chosen and is the first of these towns we’ve visited this trip. Patzcuaro is a pretty town with white stucco buildings and red tile roofs. The city is a popular tourist destination but we did not find much of interest here. There was some carnival activity as lent began while we were there but it was pretty amateurish – just kids having fun. The city lacks the usual large permanent central market and has few sidewalk restaurants and independent food stands. Tuesday morning the four of us caught a boat ... read more
Ray says this lucky guy will never have to make another decision in his life.  All he’ll ever have to say is “yes, dear”.
Vasco de Quiroga introduced Christianity and various crafts to the area’s indigenous people.
Gertrudis Bocanegra was executed by a firing squad in 1818 for staunchingly supporting the War of Independence.

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro February 28th 2012

Sunday, 19 February, we moved on to Patzcuaro and are parked at Villa Patzcuaro. This is a nice little RV park within the city itself. Here, we Americans outnumber Canadians nine to one. The showers are clean and hot and we have internet in the camper. I get to read the Mercury News with my morning tea. What more can you ask for! It was a short drive from Uruapan to Patzcuaro but we made an interesting side trip into the tiny village of Tingambato to see its archaeological site. We never made it to the ruins. Our rigs were way too big to be in a village of that size but walking backwards up a street to make sure Ray didn’t hit something, I chatted a bit with a guy whose name now escapes me ... read more
Raymondo y Marsia.
Michaela y Marsia.
Photo 17

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro February 19th 2012

Patzcuaro is a small quiet town. It is actually a large town that doesn´t know it yet…We stayed in a lovely RV park on the edge of town. The park was very quiet, except that we arrived at the end of Carnival. There were fireworks going off all day at night. They would start early in the morning and you would still hear them sometimes at 2 or 3 in the morning. We could walk right out of the park and catch a bus to anywhere we needed to go. We were able to walk over to the docks of Lake Patzcuaro and caught a water taxi to Isla Janitizio. The boat ride was nice; the water looks brown, however that is due to the water being shallow, not polluted. The island is known for a ... read more
Templo de Sagrario
Dance of the Ancients
Wood Carving

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Pátzcuaro January 23rd 2011

Nach fünf Tagen Fahrt sind wir (endlich!) in Pátzcuaro gelandet. Den Tipp bekamen wir zuletzt von Kanadiern in La Ticla, die Pátzcuaro als den Ort mit dem schönsten kolonialen Charme bezeichnen. Patzcuaro liegt etwa 60 km von Morelia entfernt an dem gleichnamigen Lago Pátzcuaro, dem zweitgrößten See in Mexiko. Wir folgen ihrem Rat und fahren den Campingplatz Villa Pátzcuaro an. Wir sind positiv überrascht – nur gute 50 m von der Hauptstraße entfernt befindet sich dieser liebevoll angelegte Rasenplatz mit kleinem Pool, neu gebauter Dusche und sogar einem Gartenhaus mit Kamin. Internet ist überall zu empfangen. Spätestens da macht mein Herz einen Freudenhüpfer. Zuletzt war die Anreise mit guten 35 Grad im Schatten und herzhafter Kurvenfahrt auf der Mex. 37 durch die Berge recht stressig gewesen. Wie sehnte ich mich nach einer Dusche! Hans hatte sich ... read more
Abends im Kaminzimmer des Campingplatzes
Blick über die Altstadt Pátzcuaros
Ein altes Konvent

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