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April 18th 2019
Published: April 18th 2019
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This is Semana Santa in Mexico (and probably a bunch of other places, as well), and we hear it gets pretty crazy in town during this time. The folks from Guadalajara are all off and one of their favorite places to vacation is Lake Chapala. I don't believe I have previously mentioned that Lake Chapala is the largest lake in all of Mexico. I have even heard stories that they shut off the water in Guadalajara during this time to clean the water transport system since everyone is gone. Anyone who stays knows to fill their tinaco (roof storage) and aljibe (underground storage) and maybe even their bathtubs. The Tapatios (people from Guadalajara - and you thought it was just a hot sauce!) overrun this area, so we plan on spending the next few days at home, or exploring east of here. The homeowner here has graciously allowed us to use her car, and God forbid that it would be involved in a fendero-bendero. Did I mention that my Spanish is improving?

Hence, our trip to Soriana (actually Hiper Soriana), kind of like a super Walmart. The Walmart here is not bad, but it is not stocked as well as the Soriana. The first thing you see when you enter is electronics, dishes and to the far left begins the produce department. Produce is definitely better there than WM. We tried to buy bananas at WM and when you picked them up by the stem, they were so overly ripe they fell off. Maybe good for banana bread at a deep, deep discount.

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NOT just like back home.NOT just like back home.
NOT just like back home.

You grab a metal tray, go around and get the goodies you want. Take them to the young lady at the counter and she bags and tags them.
Milk SectionMilk Section
Milk Section

Refrigerated milk is not a big deal in Mexico. We like buying the hermetically sealed lactose free milk because it only takes fridge room when you open it.
Non-Refrigerated MilkNon-Refrigerated Milk
Non-Refrigerated Milk

Yep, all lined up, ready to refrigerate at home and use.

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