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6th October 2019

See more of Mexico!
Have a great time in SMA, and continue your travels in Mexico as Sitters! I welcome you to consider becoming members of the membership website I run,! Good luck, whatever you decide. :). Alex
6th October 2019

We ARE Members!
That's how we got this sit and our others from Lake Chapala. If anyone want to house sit in Mexico, the most useful site is HouseSitMexico. Use our code and get 20% off your initial membership. our code = mxoibyf2xib
26th April 2019

Where is this place?
Wondering if we can get there by bus? What town? Also, strangely, there is a great French bistro in Ajijic. Hard to believe it is in Mexico. I went there with my dance class ladies for croissants and quiche. Super wine list, for the evening.
26th April 2019

We can try it together before you guys leave if you want. It is almost right beside our house here in Tlachichilco. If you see the big red and white tower, you went too far. Yes, the bus goes right by it. If you tell the driver you want to go to the Foccacia, I am sure he will stop right in front. Come hungry!
25th April 2019

Eating hours
We walked past the Birreria again today around 4:00. It was really hoppin'. Guess that is a more popular time to eat it. So happy you came over and we tried it out together!
21st April 2019

Great photos!
From Blog: Hummers
5th February 2016
Clinica Good Hope, Miraflores

Vivir saludable
I have been in your clinic last week. Please let me know the results.
5th February 2016
Clinica Good Hope, Miraflores

Clinica Good Hope
I was very pleased with my results. The cardiologist I saw prescribed a ten day regimen of Ciprofloxin. When I called my US cardiologist, he said that is exactly what he would have done. I was surprised that I saw an actual cardiologist. I figured a general practice doctor would be okay, but I was happy and VERY happy with the price.
4th December 2013

Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures. I am so glad you had a great time!!
From Blog: Just pictures
27th July 2008

Must have coffee!
Cool blog! Great idea to write and share your experience in Peru. The Aunt Victoria photo is precious. Unbelievable that she is still working!!! OMG! I can't imagine not having coffee to jump start the day. Nope, I could not eat that fish's head! eek!
24th July 2008

Thanks for the e-mail notifying me of your heart problem. The pictures are beautiful. I like this blog thing you got going. Take some pictures of delicious food!

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