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North America » Mexico » Guanajuato November 28th 2005

Como Estas Amigos! I thought it be cool to document my adventures/experiences while here in Guanajaunto. And just so you know this won’t be a BS type blog where all I do is whine about how different México is from the US, no sir, this me keeping it 100% real. Also each entry will done is the Seinfeld style of simple name (ex. the city, the jeans, you get the idea). So without further adolet the show begin. First a little background on Guanajaunto. Guanajaunto is located smack in the middle of México and is one of 31 states in México. Guanajaunto, Guanajaunto is where I am (the Capital of the state of Guanajaunto is Guanajaunto). This city was originally founded for mining silver, Guanajaunto means land of the frogs (though I have seen more dogs ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato October 3rd 2005

Ancient Modernity in San Miguel De Allende This morning the air seemed to be full of a palpable energy. Leaving my house to go on my morning run I noticed that my next store neighbors already had a small feast of tortillas, eggs and some agua fresca neatly set up on a small, temporary table like the kind used in my grammar school. I noticed immediately that there were very few cars on the street, and in their place groups of people scurried through the narrow cobblestone streets on unknown errands. Some were neatly dressed in what was obviously their best clothes, others seemed to be running to the store for a loaf of bread, a little coffee, or some pon dulce. It seemed that everyone in some way was preparing for the day, the festival ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato June 23rd 2005

Thursday 23rd June - Off to Guanajuato Slow morning packing, having breakfast etc Taxi to Norte terminal. Must be our lucky day. The next Guanajuato bus is in 15 mins. Through the farmland, then the dry hill country north of Mexico City. Taxi from Guanajuato terminal and we get our first taste of the network of underground roads said to follow the route of dried-up rivers. Check in at Casa Mexicana and I pay less than expected. It is our lucky day ! Alberto does not speak much English but we manage. Room is spacious, there is an adequate kitchen and an attractive terrace area outside our upstairs room complete with tables and chairs. The 'historic' Guanjuato is fairly small, and pleasant to walk around. It is not in a grid layout, the first place in ... read more
View up to El Pipila
View from El Pipila to Jardin de la Union
View from El Pipila to Basilica

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