A Day of Many, Many Marches

Published: January 22nd 2017
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Soldiers and artillery waiting for the parade to start Soldiers and artillery waiting for the parade to start Soldiers and artillery waiting for the parade to start

I asked to take their photo, and they were very friendly, as was everyone today!
Today was a day of parades and protests here and all over the world...

My day started with a run to Parque Juarez, where the Women's March would be held in the early afternoon. As I neared the park, I saw the street was closed off, and that there was a small police presence. I wondered if they thought the Women's March would be that big..? As I jogged along the closest street, I saw many police and military vehicles ahead, and it quickly dawned on me that this was something else entirely! Another block brought children's marching bands, and I realized that there was to be a parade celebrating the birthday of the revolutionary hero Ignacio Allende!

Bill joined me near to the park after my run, and we walked to the Saturday organic market, which was on the parade route. After shopping, we watched the parade, and then walked to where the demonstrators for "Tono", the father of the murdered boys, were blocking the parade route....everything was kept peaceful and the protesters and parade eventually continued on. It was interesting to see the mix of weapons, horses, and children marching. We were told that many people kept their children out of the parade, even it meant getting a bad mark at school, because of the murders of the boys. When we got home, we watched the aerial show by 4 military planes (prop, not jets) flying in close formation.

In the early afternoon, we returned to the park for the Women's March. About 200 people were expected ( there are about 10,000 Americans here at any given time), but over a thousand people showed up!!!

After the march, we came home and read posts from friends in the US and all over the world marching in solidarity for human rights...so very powerful!!!

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One of the organizersOne of the organizers
One of the organizers

Love her boots!

22nd January 2017

The Gray hat or the pink one? :) G
22nd January 2017

Marching On
Delighted to hear there was a women's March in San Miguel as there were in all the major cities in the U.S. Will be even more delighted if they influence the policies of The Creature whose agenda seems to be all self aggrandizement! Sad to hear about the murdered children. Hope that issue gets resolved. There always seems to be some sort of celebration of historic figures in Mexico. Martin used to joke about getting caught up in the birthday celebration of Benito Juarez's mother. The Grotto and the markets sounded delightful.....

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