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September 8th 2007
Published: September 9th 2007
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We had an early start and took a bus to the Tlatelolco archeological ruins just outside of Mexico City followed by a visit to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Then we took a bus to Teotihuacan to see the pyramids. Our first stop at the site was to learn more about the natural resources of the area. The highlight for me was the Maguey cactus. The tour guide pulled apart one of the leaves and showed us the paper that comes from it which the Aztecs used to write on. Then she pulled the centre out of the leaf and it was a long needle and thread! She used flower petals to dye the thread purple. I kept the needle and thread and will hopefully get it back home. After some shopping it was off to to see the pyamids. It was amazing to finally see them after reading so much about them and to see them in real life was breathtaking. They're massive and I walked the stairs up to the top of the tallest one. Tiffany and I had our photo taken at the top of the smaller one in our Mexican wrestling masks. People took our photos and must have thought we were idiot tourists but it was fun. It's a shame we didn't have them at the beginning of the tour to make the most of photo opportunities.

Today one of the most popular Mexican newspapers showed a photo of APEC protesters, one of which was a row of Aussies with their pants pulled down with 'no bombs' written across their bums. The tourists on the mini-bus thought it was hilarious. What a proud moment to be Australian.

This afternoon I heard Depeche Mode AGAIN. Enjoy The Silence AGAIN. It's all too wierd.

Ludo saved his most offensive behaviour for the last day. He's a male chauvenist pig and I couldn't bare another night with him so the four of them went out tonight for a final piss up and I stayed in because I was exhausted from the long day of pyramid climbing. I'm going to have a goodbye breakfast with Sid, Ben and Tiffany tomorrow instead.


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