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September 7th 2007
Published: September 9th 2007
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We took a four hour bus to Mexico City. The city is so crowded and dirty, I'm looking forward to moving on in four days time. I definitely prefer Guadalajara to Mexico City.

In the evening we went to Lucha Libre, the Mexican wrestling. The only thing I knew about it was that the wrestlers wear masks. I was hoping it wouldn't be like stupid WWF in America and I was pleasantly surprised. I would go definitely go back to watch it again. Lots of people in the audience come dressed in the favourite wrestler's mask. Tiffany and I bought a mask each. I have no idea who wrestles in my mask but I bought it because the eyes are in the shapes of hearts so I thought it would make a great Mardi Gras costume. Unfortunately there are two US flags on the sides of the mask but I'm going to unpick them and sew on two crowns instead. The actual wrestling matches were unreal. Sure it had bogus violence but it was like watching acrobats - lots of somersaults (sometimes they were sychronised so three team mates did them at the same time), plus comedy (sometimes tag team members would 'accidently' punch a team mate and send them flying out of the ring). There were two midgets dressed in monkey costumes I was hoping would get involved in the wrestling but they hung around the sidelines. My favourite wrestler was an Italian guy who had to be over 6'5" - he was massive. He could literally star jump over his opponents. It was a really great night of entertainment and lots of Mexican families make a night of it, taking their little kids.


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