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September 9th 2007
Published: September 10th 2007
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Mexico City is a weird place. Each street is designated to selling certain products, for example, one street will sell only hardware, the next street only computers and computer products. I had to find a beautician to get waxed and found a street of only beauty shops and hairdressers. It makes shopping easier but it's still weird to see a street of shops selling only door handles.

My shitty $200 laptop didn't come with a DVD player so I bought one on Ebay when I was in SF last month and bought some DVD software online so now I can watch DVDs. There are lots of street stalls selling pirated DVDs so I bought a few and have been watching them at night and when it's raining. It's summer here but it rains heavily for about three hours every day. Once I watch the DVDs I throw them out so they don't take up room in my backpack, at only $2 each I can justify that.

Tiffany was supposed to fly back to Canada today but there was an issue with her ticket so she had to come back to the hotel for an extra night. To cheer her up we had a movie night in my hotel room and drank Pulque, an alcoholic drink made from the Maguey cactus. We watched "Knocked Up". I enjoyed it better the second time.


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