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September 18th 2019
Published: September 18th 2019
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Guest bloggers Catherine and Louise

Benjamin Schliemann had put together a rather ambitious touring program of which we almost managed to tick everything off aided by Marco our competent driver

First stop barrio of Coyoacán - home to Leon Trotsky, Frieda Kahlo and Cortes.

Clashing opinions over the optimal route ensured Wilko with his trusty map and Chris ‘never been here before but know the way’ Never quitefound Cottes house, then came across a very colourful building with hundreds of people waiting around the outside. Much ‘discussion’ as to what it was but the bright cobalt blue colour should have given it away it was Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul ( blue house in Spanish) a must see in Mexico but a 1 1/2 hour wait in the queue was going to throw a spanner into Benjamin’s tight schedule. It was either ditch Frida, wait for 1 1/2 hrs (Whittles happy to do so) but the Herron sisters always up for a challenge sought to rectify this complete inconvenience. Louise figured the ‘old lady’ museum official was the best target to manipulate. Sweet talking Spanglish ended in the official asking if we had a senior citizen in our group. What constitutes a senior citizen in Mexico? Reply - 58 yrs with ID. Excellent Grandpa Chris was able to produce his licence and we were all enjoying the fabulous Caza Azul within 5mins. Interestingly there was also a Bucks Group enjoying the museum with Beer Me I'm getting married T-shirts. What a rage!

Then to the beautiful village of San Angel, where a there was a great Sunday market then to the stunning San Angel Inn for a delicious lunch despite our table being next to swinging kitchen doors away from all the fabulously turned out Mexican families there for the Independence Day celebrations. Louise only got hit in once in the head by the doors. Able to swallow the last of lunch in the car there was no time to waste next stop Dolores museum excellent collection of Frida and Idaho’s handiwork’s. The impressive gardens filled will scary prehistoric hairless dogs and 50 million peacocks.

Next stop Xochimilco, where the famous colourful barges float with partying families, buck/hen bogans (including our "Beer Me Mates"), senior citizens and tourists on the now virtually extinct canal system that once made up Mexico City. Due to our ever tightening schedule Poncho our punter was pretty happy when we were prepared to pay the 2hr minimum for a 30 mins ride.

Now realising at 6pm our last museum stop closed 2hrs ago time to go home.

Dinner La Capital in la Condesa.


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