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September 15th 2019
Published: September 16th 2019
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Today we decided to walk up to the Archeological museum, Catherine's sister Louise and her husband Benjamin are arriving from New York. Breakfast was something I can't remember the name of with beans and ham and cheese in a hollowed out bread role with a hot salsa on top. Wilko took over directing with his trusty map and before you knew it we were confronted with an 8 lane expressway with a 6 foot wall that needed to be scaled in the middle. Wilko and I made it across in a daring run leaving the girls on the side of the road. While we waited a Mexican guy came up them and told them it was really dangerous to cross here (no shit Sherlock) and showed them where the crossing was. We were on the perimeter of the Parque Mexico which is like Central Park. Unfortunately Wilko's map didn't show you where the gate was. After we'd walked around the park for about an hour we found an entrance. Catherine's altitude sickness was now compounded by carbon monoxide poisoning. We had a nice walk through the park chasing squirrels and taking photos around the lake.

Meanwhile Louise and Benjamin had arrived from New York (they left at the same time we left the hotel) and we met Louise at the Archeological Museum. I have a soft spot for archeological museums and the Museo Nacional de Antropologia wasn't going to disappoint. The Mexicans need to take a leaf out of Sydney's book though. Entry to the museum is $75 (pesos) which is about AUD5.35. I've seen a few museums, it may not have quite as good artefacts as Cairo, but it is a schmick building really well laid out with some great stuff. After the Museum we headed up for lunch in Palanco at BelloPuerto. I decided to try the beer with worcestershire sauce, lime juice and clam milk. Apparently thy milk the clams. I was a bit surprised with the taste, just like you'd expect. Becs ordered the national dish of Chiles de Nogado which is in the colours of the national flag. Benjamin joined us for lunch. After lunch we headed to the Museo Arte Moderno a little cheaper than the archeology one ($70).

Tonight we had dinner at Blanco Colima with a couple of Louise and Benjamin's friends, Jorge, Ximena and Javier which was highly entertaining. They had put us in the old person's room (or possibly the Gringo room), which was right out the back miles away from the hip bar filled with young Mexicans (still short though). This was our first truly Mexican dinner starting at 8.30 and ending at 12.30. The Mexicans kept us entertained with charming stories about Donald Trump and how good he is for Mexico. Not seeing it myself. Entrees were terrific. Wilko insisted on sharing our mains. Ximena asked me if that was a peculiarly Australian custom, I told her it was a peculiarly Wilko custom.

Lovely sleep.

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