Cabo San Adventure!

Published: May 9th 2012
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After a rough 2011, for both Sarah and I, this year is one that we wanted to fill with adventure, laughter and fresh starts. We had already traveled throughout China, so even though we are both up for anything, our work schedules and hectic lives dictated only a short adventure. But it still managed to meet all our requirements.

After a few suggestions/options, we narrowed it down to Cabo San Lucas in hopes of guaranteed good weather, gorgeous beaches and a possible chance to see Justin Bieber (to brag to my 6yr. old niece) and George Clooney (to brag to my 56yr (ish) old Mom)!!

I have been to Mexico only once before, Cancun, and I do not know if it was that I was much younger, had longer, blonder hair, was considerable less travelled, or just overall not prepared, but I did not like it. However, this trip I left with both great memories and a deep sense of appreciation for the local people we met. I wouldn't hesitate to return to Mexico.

Everyone from the airport to kitschy shop owner were more than kind, friendly and honest. About an hour after Sarah and I arrived, when
Hot Lady!Hot Lady!Hot Lady!

Sarah, soaking up the sun, looking hot in Cabo!
we were ordering our first Corona (at the airport!) I looked over to Sarah and asked, "Oh, by the way, what is the exchange rate here?" We both had no clue (and a lack of internet access meant, we never actually confirmed the rate) and for the majority of the trip had to trust the goodness of the proprietor, and as far as we could tell everyone who could have taken advantage of us choose the other option.

So it was a week of relaxation, two for one specials, delicious food, and a week of building even more memories with a friend who never ceases to amaze me. She has traveled across the world to visit me, listened to me complain about the same boy too many times, giving me solid advice even when I sometimes refused to listen to it, and overall being one of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Thank you, Sarah, for being the awesome person that you are! Let the adventures continue.

Additional photos below
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It never failsIt never fails
It never fails

Sun poisoning + Me = guarantee.
Ladies NightLadies Night
Ladies Night

Where we realized we were old and so over fighting for drinks at crowded bars, because we did that...
Welcome to MexicoWelcome to Mexico
Welcome to Mexico

Loved our hotel, starting with check-in. Mango Margaritas make traveling to Mexico a breeze.
Our HotelOur Hotel
Our Hotel

It did not disappoint.

9th May 2012

I enjoyed reading your blog! It sounds like your trip was exactly what you needed. Nice pictures! Which resort did you stay at? :-)
9th May 2012

Like :)
And can't wait to see you two in another short month-

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