Days 17 and 18- Rest and Lights

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January 28th 2020
Published: January 28th 2020
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Again combining posts because day 17 was especially quiet. It was a dark, rainy day and we went out for a grocery shop but other than that there wasn’t much to do, so we stayed home. It was super relaxing to sleep in and watch tv all day, although we did watch the city pass by for a few hours. We also made some stir fry rice in the apartment too which felt way healthier and nicer than going out again. However, day 18 was way more eventful.

Admittedly, we did sleep in. I don’t know what it is about Canada, must be the darkness, but it’s so so easy to sleep in, and so hard to wake up properly. But we did eventually leave at midday, and we went to a fast food chain called A&W for lunch. It was nice, as far as fast food goes, but we did immediately regret not getting some proper breakfast. We went for a long walk then for the rest of the afternoon, just going down random streets and exploring Toronto. We found Saks on Fifth Avenue, the Eatons Centre, and lots of other cool stores and shopping centres. We found some lovely parks (even saw some squirrels- a lifetime goal for me!!) and sipped Tim Hortons hot chocolate whilst navigating our way through all the billions of construction sites currently clouding Toronto.

Eventually we realised we’d done a full circle and made it back to the apartment, and it was 4pm. We kept walking though and went down to the water where we took some photos along the pier and watched people ice skate. We thought about ice skating ourselves, but there was no barrier and we’d definitely cut some fingers or crack a skull, so we decided to just watch (I know, we’re wimps).

We dumped our shopping back at the apartment, and the original plan was to head straight back out, but Adam needed another nap. So I watched Grey’s Anatomy for a while and eventually shook him awake at 6pm.

We headed to the Distillery District for dinner and to see the light show they’ve got on in the winter. This district is a combination of multiple blocked off streets full of shops, restaurants, bakeries, etc, and for the winter months they’ve put light displays all around to warm up the place and give visitors a reason to smile in the cold (apparently).

And it did! The lights were so pretty and they were really interesting designs. I had read online that the whole district would be open until 9pm, but it was only 7pm and after looking at all the lights we struggled to find somewhere open for dinner. We eventually found Mill St Brewpub, and ended up having burgers and beers again.

Once again, we watched the tennis whilst having dinner, but we couldn’t help overhearing the words of the loud man at the table behind Adam. This provided much more entertainment than the tennis. For example, at one point he said, “We love you, we’re super supportive, but please go away”. I just can’t stop wondering what context this was said in.

We walked back home then, and for some reason it was absolutely freezing. We made it back, and then we went out again for a few groceries before heading to bed. It was a very interesting day in Toronto today!


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