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January 26th 2020
Published: January 26th 2020
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Well I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that we slept in until midday today after getting to bed at 4:30am. But we have a whole week in Toronto and not a whole lot planned so we figured we’d take it easy. We wanted to have a quiet day and ease ourselves back into city life, so the first thing we did was go to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

Don’t be fooled, it’s just a regular aquarium. We went because the “Ripley’s” made it sound like we’d see some really funky fish or some huge sharks or something, but it must just be sponsored by them because it really is a regular aquarium. It was good though! It took us about an hour to get through it all, and it was relaxing to look at all the fish swimming around in these huge tanks.

When we came back outside we saw a guy dressed up as one of those green toy soldiers, like the little guys you see in Toy Story. He must have been a street performer, because he was taking photos with people and staying very in character. We watched for a bit and then kept walking, when Adam pointed out Spider-Man. I thought he meant there was a poster or something but no, another street performer! Adam started taking pictures, and then Spider-Man turned our way and pointed.

“Come closer,” he said, “you can’t get a good picture from that far away!”

I took Adam’s phone to take a picture of them, and suddenly Spider-Man just picked him up, threw him over his shoulder, and we now have the best picture of Adam dangling off Spider-Man’s back looking shocked and confused.

After the aquarium we went to get some food and found Mr Greek. No prizes for guessing what cuisine of food they serve. We had gyros and ginger ale (Canada Dry is my new favourite drink and I’m going to be quite upset to head back to the states without it), and then walked around for a little bit longer just exploring the city.

I should probably mention that we accidentally picked an amazing location to stay in. Our Airbnb is a swish, modern apartment on the 12th floor of a huge building right in the centre of downtown Toronto. The aquarium is right next door, so is the CN Tower, the Rogers Centre, the Scotiabank Arena, and so many trains, restaurants and shops. We’re actually shocked we picked a place so in the centre of everything.

For dinner we headed out to a sports bar because we couldn’t decide whether we wanted to watch the basketball, the hockey, or the Australian open, and sports bars were bound to be playing all three. The Loose Moose did not disappoint. We weren’t particularly hungry so we shared a plate of nachos (which was MASSIVE so I’m glad we shared) and then went bar hopping for a little bit. We eventually went home at around 10:30pm and headed to bed (if you can believe we were actually tired).

So it was a slow start to the week in Toronto, but while there’s a lot to do we have plenty of time to do them, so I think the plan is to take it slow and mostly relax this week. It is our holiday after all!


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