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June 19th 2012
Published: June 19th 2012
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Our first stop is INDONESIA:

Things we want to do in Indonesia:
- Yogyakarta, find out what the Indonesian Java culture is all about
- Gunung Bromo, aka Mount Bromo, see the breathtaking sunrise and walk along an active volcano
- Bali, hit the beach
- Gili Islands, chill in island paradise
- Sumatra, this will be our first time in a jungle and we are hoping to touch orangutans
- Sumatra, we also want to take a moment in the rainforest to listen to what a world with no people sounds like
- Danua Toba, this island within an island is eons old. Ty said it was formed when the dinosaurs roamed the planet.

Our main Indonesia goals:
- Visit 10 islands
- learn to surf
- snorkel a coral reef

Our next country is CHINA:

Things we want to do in China:
- Beijing, wander a forbidden city, live like a local in a Hutong, hike the Great Wall
- Pingyiao, admire a well preserved ancient city
- Xi'an, stare into the souls of terracotta warriors
- Panda Reserve, see an endangered species
- Himilaya's, drive above 5,000 meters
- Yunan, hike and camp in Tiger Leaping Gorge
- minority villages, get off the beaten path in rural China
- Yuan Yang, rice terraces
- Guanxi province, cruise the river and watch cormorants catch fish, also hike the Dragon's Backbon rice terraces

China goals:
- eat something new every day
- pick the brain of an old local, What is China to them?
- break the western tourist stereotypes and truly absorb their culture
- chill in 10 tea houses


Things to do in Vietnam:
- Hanoi, see the perfume pagoda, start Vietnam in the city that really created the country
- Halong Bay, sleep on the beach on Cat Ba Island, kayak around the carsts
- Hue, learn about the war history, see the Demilitarized-zone, what was it like on the front lines?
- Hoi An, admire the culture of the old quarter
- Nha Trang, get back to the beach
- Ho Chi Minh City, aka Saigon, don't get hit by a motorcycle, shop at a floating market
- Mekong Delta, cruise an ancient river

Vietnam Goals:
- go caving
- lay on 10 beaches, "it's just one big sexy curve of coastline"
- cook our own catch, take a cooking lesson and learn how to make homemade Vietname cuisine


Things to do in Cambodia:
- Phnom Penh, what's left of the old city?, survive the Wild Wild East (it's sometimes known as the lawless city)
- Sihanoukville, get away from it all, find our own island paradise
- Tonle Sap, biggest lake in South-East Asia
- Village life, get off the tourist trail
- Siem Reap, Ankor Wat sunrise, it's the "King of Temples"

Cambodia Goals:
- see 10 temples
- find a deserted island
- give back to a new found friend


Things to do in North Thailand:
- Bangkok, stock up on cheap clothes on Koh San Road, experience the city to it's fullest
- Kanchanaburi, Wrestle a Tiger
- Chang Mai/Chang Rai, ride an elephant
(Thailand to be continued)


Things to to in Laos:
- Gibbon Experience, sleep in the trees and zip line through a jungle
- Luang Prabang, mingle with the monks
- Vang Vieng, tube down a river and don't do much else
- Savannakhet, bike a day away

Laos goals:
- talk to 10 monks

SOUTH THAILAND (Thailand continued...)

Things to do:
- find a diamond in the rough place to stay on our way back to Bangkok
- Gulf of Thailand, Koh Sa Mui, Koh Panyang, Koh Tao, find the hospital that put humpty dumpty (Tyler) back together again
- Andaman coast, Koh Phi Phi, stay in a national park, find the hidden islands

Thailand Goals:
- snorkel 10 times
- party with a full moon
- take part in another festival

- see as many species as possible
- back track the mekong (HCMC, Phnom Penhm, Thailand/Laos border)
- do yoga EVERYWHERE
- get the best tan of our lives
- become professional beach bums/ full fledged water babies
- learn 10 languages, at least 2 sayings or expressions from each
- ride 10 different vehicles that don't exist in Canada
- climb 10 mountains/volcanoes
- stay in 10 homestays

1. Climb an active volcano
2. See Ankor Wat
3. See the Great Wall
4. See the Terracota Warriors
5. Each overcome a fear
6. Find our favourite beach
7. Find our favourite Asian meal
8. rendezvous with friends
9. grow an appreciation for living minimally
10. make it home together alive

So there is your overview of our trip, things we want to see, accomplish etc. If you have any questions, feel free to post comments along the way and we will do our best to respond 😊

(please disregard any spelling errors, when we are actually there I will do my very best to get the words more accurate)

-- Becs xoxo


29th June 2012

this was awesome to read! so excited for you guys, i'll be reading your blogs all year long. love you both. and becs.....take care of him....make sure he's safe
5th July 2012

miss you
You know that as a third daughter to me, Iwill be waiting for updates on your travels. When you get down or start missing London think of our song. Patio Lanteerns. You guys be safe. John
5th July 2012

Dreaming BIG!!!!!!!!!
wow!! First time I've read this list....At such a young age to have created such an amazing bucket list.... I really don't know what to say..... I'm in awe at what you will accomplish..... let the adventure begin!!!!

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