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June 19th 2012
Published: June 19th 2012
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After today, there will only be 15 days before we leave. That is basically two weeks.

Even more important than the fact that I'm leaving soon is the fact that it's my Brother's 22nd birthday in a few days. Actually one week today.

Eric: I love you. I love you more than you know. It's really hard for me to leave you because all our lives, you've looked up to me. I helped you with homework, I went shopping with you when you wanted to look "cool", and I've been there to listen when you're going through something difficult. Even though I'm only leaving for a little while, it almost seems like I'm letting go a bit. Yesterday we used to walk to school together and now when I look at you, you've become this completely amazing person that I adore. I'm so proud of you and I need you to know that. I also need you to realize that you are brilliant. You're much much smarter than me and all you need to do is put your brains to work and pursue your goals. You won't fail. If you ever have any doubts, just read this blog, or read the card I'm going to give you for your birthday. Don't forget to breathe, take your time, be true to yourself because if you were anyone else, I wouldn't love you nearly as much. You are perfect. Love you forever <3


3rd July 2012

This is so beautiful! :) You're an amazing person too and Eric is so lucky to have you as an older sister! Thank you for being you! :)
4th July 2012

One more time .Good luck love you Oma&Opa July 4 2012

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