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June 14th 2012
Published: June 19th 2012
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Frequently Asked Questions

Aka “FAQ, I’m being asking this again?!”

I’m hilarious, I know.

This is a list of things that we often get asked and I wanted to clarify for our lovely friends and family J

NUMBER ONE MOST ASKED QUESTION: Are you going to work along the way?

Answer: No. We are seeing 6 countries in 8 months. We are rarely staying in one place longer than 5 days. Unfortunately that doesn’t leave much time for working or volunteering. We have both expressed interest in volunteering or somehow giving back to the impoverish community’s we will be going through, however if it happens, it will be a spur of the moment kind of decision.

2. Are you going to Europe?

Answer: No.

3. Why not?

Answer: Because that is what old people do. Okay, that was rude, but Europe is more leisurely – cathedrals, museums, rolling hillside etc. I will be more than happy to enjoy those sights in my 30’s or 40’s or 50’s. When I’m 25, I want to go on jungle trek’s, climb volcanos, sleep on beaches and know that my body will bounce back fairly quickly (even though some things we do will be quite strenuous).

Now the 4th and 5th question are interchangeable, people either ask “what do your parents think” or “how are you going to pay for that”:

4. What do your parents think?

Answer: Tyler and I are blessed to have extremely loving, caring parents. They have raised us to “think big” and follow our dreams. As hard as it may be to let us go, they are tremendously encouraging and supportive (even though it’s really hard to consider all of the “what if?”s). – thanks guys

5. How can you afford it?

Answer: Tyler and I are also very lucky to have good paying jobs and a cheap apartment. With our combined income and minimal living expenses we have been able to save up what we think, will be enough to get us through. (If not, Dad – you will be hearing from me. Just kidding, we will be OK J) Though saving was difficult for me to do at first, I’m glad Tyler and I have worked together to curb our unnecessary costs and save for the trip of a lifetime.

After that line of questioning comes the excitement, and this is my favourite part because it makes me giddy each time. This is real. This is actually happening. And I’m leaving in 20 days soooooo I have way more important things to be doing than writing this damn blog. Catch ya later!


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