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May 5th 2012
Published: June 19th 2012
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December 2010, there were 3 words that Tyler said that changed my life forever... "I'll miss you". At that time he and I had been unofficially seeing each other for a while. Neither of us wanted to get serious because HE was leaving and there were a few other things we don't need to get into.

When he said he was going to miss me, I finally let myself give in to the emotions I had been feeling for him and let myself fall. Bad choice at the time because he was leaving for his SE Asian trip in like a week. Good choice for me in the long run because he got hit by a motorcycle a month later and now we are going to travel the world together.

This week I said three words that have changed my life again. "I'm going travelling"

I told my work that I will be leaving in two months and to my surprise everyone has been very supportive! It's another little reminder of how amazing my work family is 😊

Anyway, it had been a while since I wrote anything and this week has been another big milestone for me so I wanted to write it down... just wait until we buy the plane tickets!!!

--Becs xoxo


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