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North America » Canada » Ontario » Cornwall August 27th 2014

Well we are almost at the Quebec border, quiet trip shofar which is a good thing. Thank goodness for Tim hortons and free wifi. Fred is currently rolling in the grass and relaxing before resuming his navigation duties.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Cornwall July 7th 2011

...because it was in our faces. Note: Pictures have now been added to Day 3. The start of the day was slow. Near the end of yesterday, Therese's brake pads became unaligned, and the subsequent rubbing against her wheels caused a lot of friction and delays. This morning we thought the problem had been corrected, but it quickly came back, so we solved the issue permanently by adding more space between the two pads. This morning setback, combined with the constant (medium-strength) wind in our faces gave us quite a slow start to the day. Also, the roads between Brockville and Cornwall are very flat, with some "just-steep-enough-to-annoy-us" uphills. The subsequent "not-quite-steep-enough-to-get-good-momentum" downhills made this a bit of a drag. However, being the awesome team we are, we powered through it to another 100 k day! ... read more
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