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Tobermory! Not the womble who is second-in-command to Great Uncle Bulgaria, nor the pretty Scottish town in Oban, but Tobermory in Ontario, Canada; on the tip of the Bruce Peninsular, just 257 kilometres from Toronto but light years away, 4 degrees, “real feel” 1 degree according to Google! We decided to take the lesser-known route to get to the Trans-Canada Highway where we are heading, by coming up “The Bruce”, then taking a ferry across to Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron, which we shall do tomorrow. We are unusual visitors here; most are fishermen and hunters and also it is still winter! We collected our Nissan rental car from Toronto airport yesterday and five hours later, having stopped for lunch en route, we arrived at t... read more
Looking out to Georgian Bay from Tubs Harbour
Little Tub, Tobermory
Little Tub

Aug.28, 2013 We were hesitant at the beginning of this trip to even include Niagara Falls in our stops, but, we decided that we are probably the only two old people in the USA that haven't been there so here we are. We parked at the Casino as suggested by Trip Advisor and it was an easy walk to the Niagara Parkway and the beautiful Queen Victoria Park. The early bird doesn't always get the worm...we were the first ones to arrive at Table Rock overlook and had the place to ourselves. That was nice, but the morning was still overcast and our photos show a gloomy falls. When we drove by a couple of hours later, the sun was shining on the falls but the viewing areas were packed with people. Guess it was nice ... read more
American Falls
Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls

Sometimes, ya just gotta get away. That’s why I decided to bust out my gear, throw together whatever I could find in the pantry, and head to the Bruce Peninsula National Park. It’s only six hours away from Detroit and offers a quick way to disconnect and get back to nature. Every trail has a character, and the Bruce is like a rugged old friend. Rocky coastlines, jagged cliffs, and clean forest paint the trail. I've been there several times with friends, but this time I went solo. All I was looking for was a little fishing, a little hiking, and some quality alone time. How refreshing are those sacred moments, when all is forgotten except the spirit and the soul. … And then I got a speeding ticket on the way home. Doh!... read more
On the beach
Slow shutter speed
Crashing waves

Arabia Wreck-Fathom Five Marine Park, Tobermory Ontario This Blog is just a rough text blog, to see photos please check out my main blog at At the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula that extends like a long crooked finger to form a natural divide between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay you will find the quaint town of Tobermory. Tobermory is a sleepy little village of just over 600 permanent residents all winter long but when the snow melts that population explodes as divers make the pilgrimage north to explore Canada’s first underwater national park Fathom Five National Marine Park was created in 1987, for the 15 years prior to that it was designated a Provincial Underwater Park This underwater playground houses 22 ship wrecks like the famous Arabia, the intentionally scuttled Niagara II and ... read more

It never occured to me that I'm taking the simple beauty for granted... Here I was dedicated to travel this year yet I'm missing something... and finally it dawned to me... the beauty and paradise just beyond my backyard.... So since this is a travelblog... and even though small distances we do still travel... I thought of sharing what we have in Ontario here.... Ontario is a big province of Canada and it's where a lot of things happens... especially in my cuty Toronto.... I'd say that with all of the provinces, Ontario is the most populated one.... the diversity of the city of Toronto and its greater area is amazing... I must say that of any parts of Ontario, the feeling of being in Toronto is just sublime.... this is where you will see and ... read more
Photo 50
Photo 82

Gust O'Wind is loaded onto an Andrews truck and is on her way to Deltaville Virginia. October 14th 2008... read more
On her way

1st July 2008 Had a leisurely start this morning. Richard had to do a final clean and tidy up of the house he has been living in for the last year. We helped to clean his house and say goodbye to his neighbours. Then we left Wasaga Beach to travel to Owen Sound for lunch. We went to Harrison Park in Owen Sound. It is a delightful park set in a vally with river Sydenham flowing through. It was built by a Mr Harrison a local saw mill owner who had emigrated to Canada from Staffordshire and become a successful mill owner. He was a philanthropic employer and when work was slack in the sawmill during the depression, he got his staff to build bridges across the river Sydenham, walkways, shelters and seating in the park. ... read more
Inglis Falls
Tree on rock
Trees on escarpment

2nd July 2008 Up early this morning to catch the 9am boat from Tobermory to Flowerpot Island on the glass bottom Blue Heron boat. Amy and I had already done exercises on the deck as the sun came up. After egg bread for breakfast we set off and caught the boat despite Amy's delaying tactics. The boat goes out of the small harbour and into the big harbour where there are two sunken wrecks, which you can see through the glass, bottomed boat. These lakes are so large that you cannot see the other side, and they look like a sea because as far as you can see on the horizon it is just water. There are no tides of course but you can get large waves. Then we carried on to Flowerpot Island, which is ... read more
Leaving Harbour
Big bay lighthouse
Rescue boat Commodore

We awake to the sounds of birds signaling the early morning, allowing us to get an early 5am start. We’re slowly starting to get used to the idea of planning our days around the sun - awake at sunrise, asleep at sunset. In order to catch the 8am ferry out of Tobermory to South Baymouth, we rush around the campsite folding blankets, and stuffing firewood into the nooks and crannies of the trunk until we’re ready to go, right on time, early even, at 6:30am. We’re quite proud of our ability to stay organized and to have made such an early departure possible. With time to spare, we plan on heading to the Visitor Center outside the town where rumor has it a cluster of Calypso Orchids have been spotted and positively identified. We’re all smiles. ... read more
The M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry
Five Fathoms National Marine Park
Deck Chairs on the Chi-Cheemaun

This very well could be the end of the earth. What was expected to be a four hour drive took nearly seven and by the time we arrived at Bruce Peninsula National Park we weren’t thinking about the geologic significance, the new ecological zone we’d entered or about how we were going to set up for our first night camping. All we were concerned with was standing up. It’s not that the drive along Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment wasn’t scenic, it was just so long and speed limits in Canada are relatively slow compared with what we drive in the states (80km/hr is the equivalent of 50mph!). The Niagara Escarpment runs from Rochester, NY northward through Ontario and up along the Bruce Peninsula. In 1990, UNESCO named the Niagara Escarpment a World Biosphere Reserve, internationally recognizing it ... read more
Canoe on Cyprus Lake
Georgian Bay
Bikes at Singing Sands

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