Photos from Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada, North America

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Airstrip Team
Freezing Fog
As far as we could safely go.
Crashed weather balloon
Into the Interior
The Saxifrage
Qorolaq Valley
Musk Ox Hair
Final Resting Place
Snow Goose Nest
Qajaq Falls
Purple Saxifrage
Woollybear Moth Caterpillar
Cunningham Inlet
Somerset Ice
Kent Peninsula
Peak Bloom
Inukshuk Lake
August 1st
Looking for 'Shrooms
Lush Green
The Cunningham Canyon
Musk-ox parts
The Fairy Tale
Fog on the Coast
Wild Skies
Brand's Geese
Found One!
An erroneous 'Shroom.
Ox on the Badlands
The Musk Ox
Google Canyon
Whale Jaw
The Assembled Parts
The Red valley
Eider Nest
The Northwest Passage
The Summit
The Upper Cunningham
A Day on the Fat Bike
The Narrows of Google Canyon
Exploring the Interior
The Sea Ice
Musk ox
The herd
Musk ox in the wind
Blooming Lousewort
Spider Saxifrage
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